thread: rolling nappy change,...

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    Oct 2003
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    rolling nappy change,...

    HELP !!!! I don't know what to do...over the last week Matilda's rolling during nappy changes have become a full on ordeal...so much so that we avoid changing her and draw straws when DH is home... and she just screams when we won't let her roll over. The last nappy change she actually went hysterical because I wouldn't let her roll... she screamed & got so upset she vomited & I felt horrible like a nasty mum for not letting her. I usually use a firm voice and say "NO!" and put her back where I like her and give her a distraction or a toy and when she plays with it I use a happy voice and play along or just tell her she's being very good. So... today I put her back on her back & she started flailing and screaming & I had to put the nappy on so I just did it upside down and put her down without talking to her because I was too upset & I didn't want to say anything mean to her or use a raised voice... so Help Please!! Any advice??

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    I had the same problem and just learnt to put a nappy on from the other angle, now that my dd is 2 I have put nappies on from every angle and I now do it with her standing up. My opinion is that a 5 month old does not understand No so it is just a waste of energy to fight them so I go along with them but it is a bit of a shock when it happens.
    good luck

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    You poor thing.....rolling wriggle bums are SO frustrating.

    I now change Olivia on the floor (for safety) and the only thing that seems to keep her in one spot is the promise of being able to play with her hairbrush & blowing raspberries onto her tummy......I have to do that at every nappy change so that she is happy to lie on her back......shame it also means that she also gets her hands into my hair and pulls, or whacks me on the head with her little pink plastic hairbrush, plus the fact it takes a good 10 mins just for a simple nappy change..............

    So no real advice really, but I do sympathise........

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    Hey Christy, my sister was just reading this over my shoulder and she suggested that you can get some changetables that come with safety straps, or maybe you can buy them seperately too... However I dont have any of my own, so I'm not sure if strapping her in firmly would help or not??

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    Hi Christy,

    Sorry no real advice here other than what the others have said, try and give her something to play with before you start to change her, if you have a change table maybe hang a mobile or other musical toy above it for her to try and reach and play with. I know how much of a pain it can be, especially when it's a dirty nappy your changing and your trying not to get poo everywhere

    Take heart in knowing that she will stop and one day she will even start to help you by lifting up her bottom for you. Until that day good luck.

    Take care

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    oh can't wait for that day when she starts helping me!!! LOL!!!

    I have tried the change table at the shops with straps and she hasn't tried it there :-k ...good thought...

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    Melinda Guest

    We bought a change table with the straps on it and although Jacob isn't rolling yet, I find it great from a safety POV. At least I know I can strap him to the change table and turn my back for a couple of seconds while I grab something (usually another bib for my vomity boy LOL). So perhaps it's worth a try???

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    A change table with straps, at a height that won't break your back and comfortable/soft for baby.

    Have you analysised whether it is the inability to roll around that is upsetting her? She could have a sore leg, back or hips etc, the way you lift her to put the nappy underneath her could be hurting or putting pressure on her gut, the wipes you use could be ruffing up her skin, she might be getting a really cold nappy area, etc etc etc

    After analsysis, I would then try DISTRACTION.
    There is always practise so that you make the change VERY quick.

    Singing to them, having a mobile above the change table.

    I'll keep thinking .............. :-k

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    thanks sherwils I'll think about that more too... she does do it wherever we change the nappy whether it be on the change table/ground or bed... the only place she didn't do it was at the shops when I strapped her in...
    I bought the good wipes this time, so maybe they are irritating her because they have more stuff in them? or the perfume? dunno... :-k

    today I have been singing songs to her with hand movements first and then blowing rasberries on her belly etc to distract her & it worked for two of the three nappy changes...its just hard to clean up the poo ones quickly iykwim...lol

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    what about duct tape (JUST KIDDING!!!!)

    Sorry, can't help you either Christy. I have the same problem except Liam has also found out he has a willy! So now each change for us is a toss up to see if it's a pooey willy grab or the crocodile death roll 8-[

    I can sooooooooooooooo sympathise............

    Best of luck

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    LMAO crocodile death roll!! Ahhhh... at least I'm not insane! LOL!

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    Melinda Guest

    PMSL @ the crocodile death roll!!! I guess I have all this to look forward too!! Eeeks!!!

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    katanya Guest

    So now each change for us is a toss up to see if it's a pooey willy grab or the crocodile death roll 8-[
    LMAO..I totally know where you are coming from..boys and their toys huh?

    I have to say we have the same stuff here, I try an alternating signing song, a toy that is for change table..dangly shiny thing above the change table and when that isn't working I just get him to weight bear (he does this really well with his Thorpedo feet) and change him one handed...have you tried THAT with cloth nappies...!
    Felix has a bum dance he does involving feet on table and bouncing his bum into the air..sort of like a pelvic thrust! then he grabs willy..all he needs in the Micheal Jackson squeal...oohehhoo...IYKWIM!

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    Glenn has just hit 4 months and is starting to try & roll while on the change table, little bugger!

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    May 2004

    It's a bugger all right!

    Have you tried a piece of sticky tape? Just cut a piece off and join the two ends together to form a loop with the sticky bit outside. Apparently bubs will be so in awe at how it sticks to their fingers they will stop whatever they are doing. This was some advice from a friend of mine which I never tried out with Jack.

    Other than that, anything to look at or play with, like books, balls, tubes of cream, anything at all that will give you a couple of minutes grace.

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    OMG Katanya!! Our boys are soooooooo similar lol!! Liam does the pelvic thrust too!!!

    JOJA - not even going to attempt the sticky tape one here! Liam has a nickname of "mulcher" for a reason!! He eats EVERYTHING!!!

    Quite disgusting actually. Tried his first (and last hopefully) barker's egg a week or two ago [-o< (give me strength......).

    Sorry - what was the topic??? Oh yeah, nappy changing.....lol!!


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    *Yvette* Guest

    This is the topic I've been searching for! I wasn't going to make it through 30 odd pages of topics under babies, so I tried the search, and found it amongst the many pages of results for nappy changing.

    My 9 month old boy has been getting progressively more difficult to change since he could roll, and it's getting worse. He does both the pooey willy grab and the crocodile death roll described by Kelly, as well as the thing where he pushes with his feet, lifting his bum off the bed and propelling himself upwards. I've thought of gaffa tape, but might try Jo's sticky tape to play with idea, although he does have a tendency to eat things.

    I hold him firmly by both ankles in one hand so I have the other one free to clean him up, having to guess the required number of baby wipes and get them out and unfold the clean nappy before I start. To wipe under the willy and in the foldy bits on the sides I need to bend his knees, and he's so strong it's very hard to do. Then when I've got the clean nappy under his bum and I'm trying to do it up, which takes 2 hands, he slides himself upwards and messes up the positioning of the nappy.

    I'm going nuts with it!!!

    I'd like a change table, but it would have to have shoulder straps to keep him still. For a toy to be interesting enough to distract him it needs to be something dangerous, edible, breakable etc that he's not allowed to have. Maybe it's something to do with being on our bed to be changed, which he associates with hurling himself all over the place.

    If I find any answers I'll post them. Good to see others having the same frustrations. (That just sounds wrong doesn't it, but YKWIM)

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    LOL it sounds all too familiar!!! I replied in our monthly chat too, but I just thought of something more... I sometimes hold her chest down with an elbow and use my hands on that arm to hold up her legs...LOL bit twisteresk....