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Thread: scared of poos on potty

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    Default scared of poos on potty

    hi I have just started potty training my DD last week and she is going fine with the wees on the potty (or the floor ) but when it comes to poos she freaks out and comes to me crying, she wants me to wipe her which i do straight away and is only fine once its all been cleaned, when she is in the middle of it i sit her on the potty with her in tears and screaming, i have tried reading to her and distracting her but she doesnt care. I just dont know how to get her to want to poo on the pooty even when she poos on the floor she runs to me screaming. Any advice would be great, thanks

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    It is possible that she is a bit overwhelmed or just isn't used to sitting down to poo.
    I found it took a while for my boys to get used to sitting as when they had to do a poo in the nappy they would stand to do it.
    It can take much longer to be poo trained. What you're doing sounds fine. Just keep up the gentle encouragement and she'll get there

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    I tried the bribery... one smartie for a wee and four for a poo... as well as putting stickers on the wall for every poo...

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