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    my DD can be in undies all day ( apart from sleep time) however she goes to the toilet when i take her. if i was to leave her she would wee/poo in her pants. its not just good timing now though, cause she will wee pretty much every time i take her which is about hourly.

    just wondering when, how long it will take from this stage for her to start telling me when SHE needs to go to the toilet?

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    how old is she? my first two were in nickers/jocks by 19mths and 21 mths but they were doing the same as your dd. They probably took approx 6 months to be able to control their bladder a little more. The younger they are the less able they can hold on so you need to continue to remind them and be thinking for them.

    I am trying to toilet train my dd who turns 2 in 2 weeks. She has known when she has wet/ poo in nappy and tels me as soon as she has done it. But she wont do it when I put her on pot/toilet and she may have been dry for 3 or 4 hrs. All children are different too. I may have to do things differently with her.

    All the best.

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    she is 19 months. she has been on the toilet before with wees and poos since she was about 13months. of course it was just whenever i decided to put her on there, but the time has come when i am trying a bit harder to get her out of nappies. she used to go every 20 odd minutes, but now she can stretch about an hour. so i can see heaps of improvement. plus she tells me wees, and poos, and runs up the hall way when she has either wet on the floor or (on the rare occasion before she is about to wee). so i guess we are on the right track, but i was just wondering how long the road will be... :-)

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    I am where you are at the moment Jordan will tell me AS he is peeing however I can put him on the toilet and he will do something most of the time.
    We have been TT for 2 weeks now so I guess it takes a while before they learn when they have to go.
    I am trying to be patient and just keep floor cleaner handy.

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