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Thread: Time to start TT???

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    Melinda Guest

    Default Time to start TT???

    The past few days, Jacob has started pointing at his bits and saying "poo". He seems to be telling us before the event from what we can tell. The only thing is, he is saying/doing this a lot - we think perhaps he is sometimes getting confused between doing a poo and a wee, and perhaps when he may be a bit windy? WDYT?

    When he does this, we always praise him for telling us (and ask him whether he's done a poo or a wee but he continues to say "poo"), and if he has in fact done a poo, then we set about changing it right away, but the thing is, he protests like nobody's business! It's like he wants to keep the dirty nappy on! He gets really upset about having the dirty nappy changed for some reason?

    Also, DH and I were talking about how perhaps we need to talk more about going to the toilet etc etc (Jacob normally follows us in and we normally talk about what we're doing whilst we're in there so he gradually gets an idea about what is hapepning). Today, we decided we'd take him in and sit him on the toilet when he started saying 'poo' but he got really upset and screamed the place down, even though we made a big thing out of his "special seat" for the toilet. Obviously we got him out of there straight away and just reassured him that everything was ok.

    Do you think he is showing some signs of readiness, but isn't quite ready IYKWIM? My instincts tell me not to push this issue as I'm sure it would only create undue stress and anxiety for him and would obviously not get us anywhere. I'd much rather follow his cues and go with the flow so that it is as relaxed as possible IYKWIM? We also have a potty that we could use, but he seems more interested in pushing it around the house LOL.

    Any thoughts??? Obviously we're venturing into unknown territory here, so I'm a bit unsure about what to do next? I know that there can be steps forward as well as backwards when it comes to TT, but I'm not really sure what to make of what is going on ATM? I'm thinking he's starting to recognise what's going on, but isn't quite ready to start making that transition yet?

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    mooshie Guest



    lani is doing exactly the same thing - she also stops what she is doing and says wee wees lol not all the time but some of the time. i may be lazy but i am not going to go into toilet training until summer. i tried training my first two at around 2yrs of age however they wouldn't have a bar of it and it was causing a bit of anxiety with all of us, so i waited a bit longer until they were closer to 3 and tt then - within a few days they had the hang of it. my experience from alot of my friends seems to be the younger they are the longer it can take.

    in saying that i don't tt till a bit later, lani seems to show signs of rediness earlier than the others - i just keep chatting to her about it and praise her for telling me - have put her on the toilet a couple of times - we have "caught" one wee but other times she wants to get straight off.

    my advise and you can take it with a grain of salt is don't rush it, especially with another bubs on the way, things can go a bit backwards when a new baby enters the toddlers domain. others may disagree and say i am lazy lol, but that has just been my experience.

    good luck and keep us posted on how you go.

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    From someone that hasnt TT her son yet, I probably shouldnt be giving advice LOL
    Just want to say that Aidyn is at a similar stage, and will tell us if he is going to do a poo-poo, and has shown a little interest in all things toileting, but when we actually tried to put him on the toilet he freaked.
    I have decided to not even attempt it during the winter, because I have heard lots of stories of it being easier just to let them run around with no bottoms on, as sometime they get more confused with undies on and will wee in them.
    Also I am keen to wait until Aidyn is able to speak/communicate a bit better with us (hopefully in small sentences by the summer!)

    Ummm I dont know... I guess you could give it a try, but as he is not even 2 yet, maybe dont have too high expectations, as Michelle said its a lot more drawn out the younger they are.
    But then you just never know, maybe he will take to it really easily??

    Goodluck for whatever you decide!!!

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    Melinda Guest


    I too am eager to wait until Jacob can communicate better, and my instincts are telling me that he's showing some understanding of what is happening, but isn't actually ready to make the transition to actual TT as such.

    I certainly don't want to rush things.....I'd much rather wait and just follow his lead rather than try when he's really only starting ro recognise what's happening but isn't yet comfortable with taking it any further. As you guys say, he's not even 2 yet! It's all taken me a bit by surprise really LOL!

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    I added 2 pic's of Indah on her potty.. (on her website)
    We are definately not toilet training her, just gfetting her used to sitting on potty after her bath of a night time & on weekends I somtimes give her toast or a bickie & she sits on potty, 3 times now she has done a wee (by chance) we clap & cheer & she yells YAY... But just getting her used to it... maybe you could try similar? See how he goes from there?
    Indah certainly doesnt mind & it cant harm them???

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    Maybe get him a potty to sit on and that way he will get used to it and if he goes to poo on it then just praise him like you have been.

    I had a potty around the house since Kimberley was 1 but she wasn't tt until 2.5 she came home from DH's cousins one day and that was it she wanted to use the toilet. All the months of us trying and she did it all on her own.

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    Mel, I can relate to when you put them on toilet/potty. Lachlan goes in the toilet fine and sits on his potty fully clothed when we are in there but if you even attempt to take that nappy off all hell breaks loose. Kameron did the same thing though for a long time and I got serious about TT when he took off a pooey nappy and gave it tme one day.

    I am also trying to hold out till spring when the weather starts to warm up as Kameron trained over winter and it was a long slow process as he wanted to run naked and in turn got a bladder infection etc and quite often we had 2 steps forward 1 step back. But we all made it.. eventually lmao.


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    Mackenzie is the same - tells me when she is doing wee/poo but isn't quite there yet. We have a potty just sitting around and she pulls down her pants, we then proceed to take the nappy off and she sits there for about 5 seconds then runs away. I also got one of the climbing ladder potty things for the big toilet (just today actually) and told her I had a present for her when she woke up form her afternoon sleep. She was very excited, sat on it and was only interested in seeing how much toilet paper she could jam in the bowl! I've put training pants on her (the old terry towelling ones) and she holds on (I tried this in summer too she would hold on for an hour) and then as soon as I put a nappy back on she wees and wees. So I abandoned this because I didn't think it was good to hold on if she really needed to go. I guess they will let me know when they are ready but I will try again when it gets warmer if it hasn't happened. Like Jacob, she understands what she is doing but just isn't interested in toilet training just yet. I left the potty sitting around from our failed attempt in Jan/Feb becuase I didn't want her thinking she had failed - IYKWIM? Fun isn't it!

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