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    Ok I have just read all the toilet training advice stuff and it says not to bother until 18 months well here is my problem...

    Brigid is taking her nappy off just prior to doing a wee (like within a minute). She is also telling me she "poo-sing"s (poo stink, what I say when she has pooed) 2-3 minutes before she has actually done anything. Brigid isn't 1 yet. So far she hasn't taken her nappy off before a poo (thankfully!) and I have stopped the nappy taking off issue by putting little pants over her nappies when she is in a dress. When I go to the toilet she will drag the potty in and sit on it watching me.

    She is almost walking and considering this behaviour I was contemplating pt (potty training) once she was walking confidently (13-14 months at a guess). At the moment she will take 2-3 steps from one object to another.

    So what would you suggest? As she is showing some major signs of being ready or is this all just coincidence? On the occassions she has removed her nappy before a wee the nappy has always been completely dry, and usually has been on for a while.

    Any advice or comments would be appreciated.

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    I think if she is showing signs then defintely start training her. 18mths is just a rough guide.


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    toilet training can be a long, tough process, and sometimes the earlier you start the longer it takes imho. I know someone who started at 10 months and she was doing pretty well, but i saw her the other day and her daughter is 3yo and still having 3-4 accidents a week...this gets pretty wearying after a while..nappies are seriously easier i think.
    there is no harm in starting but i think it will be harder work for you in the long run...

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    we are just doing toilet awareness with Jenna - we have been doing so for a few months now.
    We have a few pairs of training knickers, and at night normally we let her take her nappy off and run around with knickers on. She will often wet through about 3-4 pairs in an hour or so, but she is getting heaps better at recognising when the wee is about to come. In the last week or so, we are trying to spot when she goes and hides in the corner to do wee, and get her to sit on the potty, but its not going so well.

    Toilet awareness is not that bad - its acutally a kinda fun way of getting your child to recognise what is going on, so maybe let her have a bit of nappy off time, with knickers, and see what she does.

    12m is pretty early, but if she has a good handle on whats going on, you shoudl certainly be encouraging her to recognise all the signs.

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    Everyone I have spoken to about TT has said listen to your child - the things they are saying and the signs they are giving you. They have all said its easier to train when the child is ready rather then training because of their age.

    It isn't going to hurt to have the nappy off time and knicker time to see how she goes - even if its just at home. If she's ready she'll start picking it up and if not then you'll probably have some extra washing LOL. Its not going to harm her trying to see how she handles it!

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    I tend to agree with what most of the girls have said. At her age it's probably not so much a case of toilet training but more toilet awareness. Although I will say that if she is telling you that she needs to do wee's then no harm can be done by sitting her on the potty. Try and keep things nice and relaxed, she's bound to pee on the floor dozens of times.

    Tehya is toilet training at the moment and it's completely on her own back. We have moved the potty out to where it's easily accessible and leave her nappy free for the most part of the day, also pant free. So far she is going great guns. I even had her out today and while she was wearing a nappy she told me she needed to do a wee and did so on the toilet. This has all happened in the space of 1 week.

    Goodluck and just do what you feel is right for you and your daughter.

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    kerry Guest


    Ok I have read all your replies (thanks) and have decided to just do familiarisation atm. So for the time being when I am going to the toilet if we are home I ask Bridie if she needs to do wee or poo, she will nod (most likely cos she likes sitting on the potty) and she sits on the potty while I sit on the toilet. So far we have had 3 wees (more coincidence than actual knowing whats going on). Also if she is telling me she needs poo and she is clean I will put her on the potty until she decides she doesn't want to sit there then the nappy is back on... every time she does poo in the nappy withing minutes but I never comment on it, just say oh well next time in the potty.

    I honestly think it is more about sitting on the potty than any desire to train and she apes everything I do... she has to have paper, she has to push the button.. but at least now she doesn't think the toilet is where we throw our balls so we can watch them float any more.

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