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Thread: What to do about this TT hurdle

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    Default What to do about this TT hurdle

    I am going to start TT DD in the very near future, she is very ready but we havent had the time to devote to it since DS was born, but now things are settling down I would like to start. However, my drama is that when she see's poo or if it smells to bad she starts to gag (she has a really sensitive gag reflex) and I am just wondering how I am going to get her to poo in the potty/ toilet if she gags at the sight of it? Is it something she will stop doing once she gets used to it?

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    As much as I hate them, those 'hang in the loo' cleaners can be really, really strong. Maybe don't feed her any curries!

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    Maybe go straight to the toilet with a step and a toilet seat instead of using a potty, because with a potty the poo just sits there pretty close to her bum IYKWIM whereas in the toilet it drops out of sight!

    Oh the discussions we have as parents.

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