: What nappies are you using for your newborn?

  • Cloth

    102 38.06%
  • Huggies

    111 41.42%
  • VIP's

    0 0%
  • Snugglers

    7 2.61%
  • Baby Love

    15 5.60%
  • Home/chemist brand

    5 1.87%
  • Other

    17 6.34%
  • Aldi

    11 4.10%
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thread: What nappies are you using?

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    May 2010

    We are using Nature Babycare Nappies & wipes. They are fantastic & they look so cute. They don't leak, great overnight, no nappy rash, great slim fit & they are eco friendly. We love them!

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    Dec 2010
    Lake Everard

    sigh... Huggies...

    they are the only thing DS doesn't pee straight through, except Aldi's but the nearest aldi's is 15 hours away

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    Dec 2010

    Red face

    For bubba's first month, the MCNs didn't fit her (and I was too shellshocked to wash cloth nappies). We used several disposable brands - Huggies, Mamia (from Aldi) and Bambo.

    Let me sing the praises of Bambo! We found them online at ecobabe. We got them initially because they can be composted / tossed in the worm farm and won't contribute to landfill. But we've stayed with them as our 'going out' nappy because we've had fewer leaks and poo-splosions than in any other brand.

    The second fave is the Aldi brand. In addition to being the second best fit, they have Australian animals on them. Huggies come last.
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    Feb 2011

    My little girl tried basically all brands of disposal nappies.
    When we were in HK, she tried Pampers and Huggies at the beginning, but then we got introduced to Japanese nappies Merries by my sister in law as my niece stopped complaining her butt was itching after using the Japanese one. The Japanese one is in deed very good as its softer, more absorbent, thinner and more thoughtful in design. I had a test with my hand one day that I pressed a very wet (over night) nappy with my hand and it was dry, so amazing.
    Then when we moved to Australia, I was not able to buy the Japanese one at the beginning, so we tried Huggies, pampers (found that quality of Huggies and pampers in Australia are not as good as in HK), baby love and some other brand with name I forgot. Recently, I found there is online shop sells Japanese nappies, so we get back to use Merries again.

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    Dec 2008

    Rhino went into cloth nappies from day 13 - I would have done it earlier, except I was waiting for his circumcision to heal.

    He was in full time (day and night) until he was 15 months old or so; now we use cloth during the day and sposies at night. I probably could go back to using cloth overnight as I think his size might be better now (and at the time we thought he was waking himself up due to the wetness); but the sposies are working well for us.

    Since starting, we have used:

    * Babybeehinds: MagicAll Smooth, Petites, Magic All Minky, Hemp, Bamboo, Covers, Prefolds, Nights
    * Itti Bitti D'Lish: SIO and AIO
    * Baby Chilli
    * Minky Baby
    * Sustainable Hemp Products
    * Bum Genius
    * Mini La La
    * Bubblebubs
    * Cushie Tushies
    * Mandy Mac: Purple nights and hemp.

    But the majority of my stash being used at the moment are BBH Smooth & Petites for when he's at daycare; and then Baby Chilli and Minky Baby when he's not.

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    Oct 2011

    I used huggies at night time and when we are out and about, and MCN when we are home (mostly Designer Bums and Baby beehinds). I didnt start using MCNs until DD was about 6 months old, I found that the poos were too runny and she was too scrawny before then!

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    Aug 2012

    We started off with cloth and biodegradable inserts but we had too many leaks and felt like we were just constantly washing.

    We now use either Bambo or 7th Generaration. - BAMBO have been our fave by far.

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