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Thread: clean but smells?? - stripwash

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    Default clean but smells?? - stripwash

    Hey all
    My DH reckons that the nappies (that have been rinsed twice then washed) still "smell like nappies" and he says anything washed with them smells like that as well.
    I can't smell it myself but I'm not known for my sense of smell!!

    What am I doing wrong?
    thanx stax

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    Hi Nickel,

    How long have you been using cloth for? Sometimes, if they don't get some time in the sun, or baby is teething, or have been used for a while they can get a bit smelly. Seems wierd you can't smell it, only DH though!!

    Google Strip Wash. It is a wash you can do occasionally to remove detergent build up and smells from your nappies. Involves washing liquid and hot water....

    Time in the sun always helps. If you use the dryer i find the nappies don't smell as fresh IYKWIM!

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    I hate the smell of my nappies!! They STINK!! As soon as Bonnie does one wee in them that's it they STINK!! I hate it!

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    LOL Tanya

    For us, I do a strip wash once a month or so... I find they stink but once dry are all good.

    Okay Christy's Strip Wash technique:

    Take your stash of nappies, maybe leave 2-3 out. Pop them in the washing machine & put through a hot water cycle with 2 tbsp bicarb soda. No washing powder... I know its tempting but LEAVE IT OUT (cue dog training voice). If some of the nappies were dirty before washing, do an extra rinse cycle at the end. Then hang in sun for at least 1 day. They need at least 4 hours of sun for me.

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    I have posted this "strip wash" recipe before when someone had trouble with build up....

    But this was in my instructions for my Fuzzi Bunz and I reckon it works really well for smells/stains/buildup and just an all round freshen up. It's a bit lengthy, so I save it for a slow day at home!

    plain hot water wash (short wash on machine is enough)
    warm wash with 1/2 cup vinegar and 1/2 cup bicarb soda
    chuck an extra 1/2 cup vinegar in with rinse cycle
    then do a 2nd rinse in plain cold water (this gets out the vinegar smell)

    Hang in sun (if there is any of the day left LOL!)

    Gotta love vinegar and bicarb - I buy it in bulk for loads of my cleaning.


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    Don't know much about the ins and outs of nappies but I always throw a cups of vinegar in the wash when washing DSs sheets if he wets the bed - WORKS A TREAT.

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    couple of days in the sun does it for me.

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