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Thread: How to wash modern cloth nappies?

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    Shellbabe Guest


    I am with Anna - I don't rinse breastfed poo either - I did to begin with and it just became too messy - I will wait till the poo is a bit more solid to rinse it off.

    I drypail them all, and stick them on a cold wash - my nappy load is big enough to justify only nappies and liners in the load (along with my cloth wipes).

    Due to the lack of sun in my yard, I do have some staining on my flats and AIOs - but at the end of the day you never see it!
    If I don't get some sun soon, I may throw a bit of napisan in the wash.

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    Baby_Crazy05 Guest


    I must be the only one who uses napisan! lol But with the weather the way it is down here, more often than not we have to dry them by the heater every day/night (usually do a load a day and with being back at work, generally at night these days).

    Normally I'll just throw the full bucket, water and all in the machine, chuck it on a rinse and spin cycle and that's it. If I put other stuff in I would normally do a full wash, but not a long one.

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    Debbie Lee Guest


    Baby Crazy - you shouldn't use napisan with modern cloth nappies because it can wreck the elastic. Unless of course you are talking about terry/flannel flats and then it's no problem

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    I'm another who doesn't really use Napisan anymore... only when there are other clothes that need it like my DDs socks and sports clothes. Our washing machine has an excellent soak cycle: it soaks for about an hour then goes through a wash which is perfect for nappies. Sometimes I also use the grey water from other loads to rinse off the yellow BF poos so I don't have to use extra water.

    I think they had to use Napisan in the past more often because the laundry powders weren't as effective. I use either Cold Power or Drive and they shift nearly any stain I throw in.

    I use flannel flats with snibs. Bought the flannels back in 1994 for my 1st child and they have just enough life in them for my 3rd child (using terry towelling boosters) they will be well and truely worn out after this child. I use disposables at night and when we go out.

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