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    I understand the reasoning behind doing a few washes but I only do one myself before it gets worn.
    When I buy a new one I just make sure that it's worn at home and definatley not for a nap the first couple of times JIC it's not as absorbant as it could be.

    SungaiKecil I totally get what you're saying about wasting water but I guess if it's only a few nappies then it would be a waste to wash them. If you've lashed out and got a heap then it would be alright.

    I *think* that it's not so much the volume of the wee being the problem as much as the absorbant capacity of the fabric being hindered by chemicals that are used in the manufacturing process. Supposedly the wee can run out the side of the nappy before the fabric can absorb it.

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    Hemp needs to be pre-washed 6 - 8 times before it achieves full absorbency

    Bamboo needs to be pre-washed 3 times

    Other stuff just once

    I do one white MCN wash, and one coloured MCN wash

    delicate fabrics get put in a zippered bag e.g minky, malden mills, anything with applique on it

    remember to do up your laundry tabs on the aplix items (that's industrial velcro).

    by doing a separate whites load, i avoid the dark nappies going all linty, but i do have enough MCN to warrant this.

    when you have a young baby, the 8 prewashes for the hemp, aren't so important cos you are changing frequently anyways. But with an older bub, many more people report BIG leak issues with not doing the pre-washes.

    Nappies Covered (who mainly sell nappy making materials) have very thorough washing instructions for the MCN nappy materials.

    I was told to wash and dry each time so i did. With the new water restrictions and being a year wiser (with MCN), now i think i would only pre-wash the newborn prefolds a few times (like two).

    Everything you buy that's made out of fabric, has residues on it from production (of fabric, of sewing, preservatives for packing) that need to be washed out, just to put on your or baby's body.

    The organic cotton prefolds do "plump" up after the prewashes, before that they look a bit limp.


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    yep i always pre wash a couple of times - I have mostly Bamboo!