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Thread: Bamboo Fleece - wash before use?

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    Default Bamboo Fleece - wash before use?

    Hi Ladies,

    Just had a quick question.

    I have 4 metres of Bamboo Fleece, and was wondering before i make them into nappies do i was the material before hand? and if so how?

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    Yes it needs to be washed! The bamboo will shrink a little the same way that cotton does. You can give it a run through the dryer too but I wouldn't dry it from straight out of the machine as it will take ages.
    I have found it's easier to handle cut it into 1 metre lengths.

    When you peg it hang it over the line rather than by the corners so that it keeps it's shape. It is really heavy when it is wet and it will get out of shape if you peg in by the corners. That will drive you crazy when you're trying to cut out your pattern pieces and boosters.

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