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    Default Essential oils

    Does anyone know of any reputable companies that sell pure essenital oils?

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    lill Guest


    New Directions is a good one, I buy my oils from them
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    I am a professional aromatherapist and buy mine form Ahimsa in QLD by mail. They import a lot and probably supply a lot of the other companies. They are the only ones to really stock rare oils as well. check out "Welcome to Ahimsa" (Google it) - prices are really good. They have 2 grades - even their lesser grade is excellent and it is what I use for burners etc - for body application I use the better grade - all explained on their website.
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    I buy Oshadi oils here in Perth but dont know where you can get them in NSW...
    but they stock some really rare stuff too, good quality stuff from France I think

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    The Sydney Essential Oil Company is great too - I'm a Naturopath and I usually alternate between New Directions and Sydney E.Oil co. They have a large range of certified organic oils too which are brilliant. From memory you can request samples of the oils too so you can try before you buy...


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    i'm a remedial therapist and have been using the sydney essential oil company for eight years, and recently new directions. great service and reasonable prices from both.

    Aromatherapy and Essential Oils - Fragrant Oil, Certified Organic Books, Candles
    Sydney Essential Oil Co. - essential oils, aromatherapy, natural products and containers at wholesale prices.

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