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Thread: natural herbs restore hormonal balance?

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    Default natural herbs restore hormonal balance?

    hi ladies I was reading about herbs & the like when I came across some interesting stuff on herbs that women use to restore their natural hormonal balance & have conceived as a result of taken them.
    Some say it can reverse the effects of PCOS & all other imbalances related to hormones that make it difficult or impossible to become pregnant.
    Testimonies were all positive with all the women stating they only used them for a few weeks to a few months.
    I wonder if this really works.
    Has anybody tried these herbs?
    They say they have no adverse side effects caused by the use of clomid & safely "encourgages" natural ovulation with no risks of OHS or multiple births.
    Very interesting I thought.
    What do you think??

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    Jen Schuster Guest


    Hi Storm

    There are many herbs and natural remedies that can be of assistance - I used natural therapies and herbs in my preconception and conception process. Which herbs exactly are you referring to?

    If you let me know I will be able to reply to your post more accurately



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    Hi Jen,
    I think they were Chate Tree Berry & Licorice Root.
    But I am not to sure & for the life of me I can not find my way back to the website, I found it all very interesting & maybe a better alternative to the clomid.
    Thank you for your reply & your help.

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    Jen Schuster Guest


    Yes I have heard of Chaste Tree Berries being used for irregularities of the menstrual cycle and premenstrual complaints. However I have never heard of Licorice root being used.

    Let me do some research now I have more info and will get back to you within the next week or so.

    Love Jen

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    annabanana Guest

    Default chaste berries

    chaste tree or berries (or vitex angus castus) is absolutely fantastic at balancing hormones. It is the best herb for doing this for us women.
    Can get it in tablet form and have one each morning. Or as liquid - but potentially a bit yuckier! [-(

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    misst Guest


    annabanana..would u recommend a certain brand? if so which ones, or which ones have u known of women trying and saying it helped.

    someone sugguested femaprin to me from nature's way brand. anyone know anything good or bad about it?

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    misst - I noticed you are in the USA - might be a difference with the brands available here in Australia to the USA? It might be a good idea to find a good naturopath closeby or alternately a pharmacy that has a good selection of vitamins and herbs - and a trained / well informed staff member who knows about the products you are interested in. Make sure you inform them of any pre-existing medical conditions too, just in case.
    Kelly xx

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