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    I had my first acupuncture session last week to kick it off before our first attempt at ivf.

    During initial consult the Naturopath asked if we had considered trying to conceive naturally with herbs and acupuncture. I honestly have just thought it wouldn't be worth it, that it wouldnt work. But then after that day we went for our appointment at the clinic where they explain the ivf drugs and the cycle process etc. (even though i had read up on it prior, it was still overwhelming).

    Its taken me this long to decide on whether to do ivf because of the whole hormonal drug therapy, im not really keen on having my ovaries take a beating.

    At this point,I would really luv to hear from any success stories doing it the natural way!

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    Hi Jules,

    DH and I have gone down the IVFI/ICSI path due to his SA results and have had 3 cycles. Since the 3rd I have begun acuupuncture and taking herbs. I'm just amazed about what my accupuncuturist has done and what she has diagnosed in me. which may be prohibiting an ongoing pregnancy. I don't think I would want to do IVF without her assistance now, however you need to be realistic about what they can do.

    I note your signature block says you have a blocked tube, and you also have some male factor issues to overcome. Unless he is being treated also, there will be no improvement with his sperm, and I'm not sure on what an accupuncturist can do for blocked tubes. It may be best to discuss with whoever you are seeing to confirm what they think they can offer you. At the outset of my treatment with my accunpuncturist she asked what it was I wanted her to do for me and she was upfront on if she could or not, so I'm under no false understanding.

    Good luck. IVF is overwhelming, particularly the first cycle because it is just so full on and daunting when you are not sure but there is heaps of support on this site if you need it.

    Sorry, it's not the success story you were requesting but in my eyes its a success story in progress where accupuncture will be a major part of the success.

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