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Thread: Premmie Mums #2

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    It is hard to have kids and have to go to the hospital, i was lucky the womens in melbourne had a childcare centre that is free. I dont think (if i chose to have a fourth!!) That i would go early, it was just unlucky that i contracted an infection.
    My children are VERY close in age (i have 3 under 3) Between #1 and 2, the age diff is 20 months, and between #2 and 3, the diff is only 14 months (was meant to be 16 1/2 months, but Anneliese just had to meet us well before her due date ) The 20 month age diff is great, Xander doesnt remember being an only child, so he has nothing to get jealous about. The 14month age diff is hard, as Declan has only JUST started walking, and is vey much a mummy's boy, so trying to looking after 2 "babies," essentially was alot harder. But i wouldnt change it for the world. DH and i are going to discuss #4 when Anneliese is 3, that way we could enjoy having a baby with the kids a little older (and after i've gone back to work-DH is going to be a stay at home dad while i join the defence force this year) And i will be able to have maternity leave, then be able to look forward to going back to work, even though it will be hard. Ok, i've gone off the subject now, and i've rambled on enough... Thanks for listening to be ramble on!!

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    Nic - how wonderful!!!!!!!! What a lovely surprise from ur hubby -glad u got to relax and enjoy the night

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    Nic...what a great surprise! Sounds like a great night out. Glad you got to relax & enjoy!

    WRT to TTC again after a premmie...I'm actually expecting to go through it all again unfortunately. After I had Joshua, I discussed the matter of future pregnancies with one of my specialists and she basically said that because I have had the same complications occur twice now, it is more than likely that it will happen again next time too. It's a scary thought, but having been there already, I know what to expect and will be prepared for it...and although it won't be easy, I know that I can do it again if I have to. We will have to rely on our family a lot to help out with Joshua, etc. Most of them live hours away which make things a little difficult, but I know that they will do what they can to help out.

    Tiff, we haven't heard from you for a everything ok?

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    Girls I am just locking this thread and creating a new one for you all.


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