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Thread: 5 things you couldn't live without & 3 things you didn't need

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    Things I could not live without:

    1. Bouncer chair (vibrates and has kick activated bubbling aquarium toy that sits over it) - He LOVES it and I can go have a shower or make something to eat whiel he plays in it

    2. Swing - when he's overtired and can't settle, or really fussy I pop him in and he's happy and usually falls asleep.

    3. Pacifiers - I'm not a fan of them either was convinced I would never use them but DS is 3 months and teething and can't hang onto a teether yet, and the soother keeps him soooo much happier. It's saved my poor nipples form being used as a pacifier.

    4. Bassinet - It's so much easier for me to feed him in the night (and keep a paranoid eye on him) if he's right beside me. I'd never be able to sleep with him in our actual bed and I'm too tired to get up, go to his room, then bring him to the living room or bedroom to feed him.

    5. Burp cloths. We needed so many more than we bought so I've made a pile of them and we leave at least one in every room. You go through them sooo much quicker than you would ever think. I probably have about 20 now and sometimes it still doensn't feel like enough.

    6. Had to add #6 as we also really like our sling baby carrier. It's great to carry newborn around in. It always put him to sleep and kept him asleep if I kept moving. Now I use it to carry him sitting upright (which saves my arms) and I find it is more comfortable than one of those front/backpack style carriers. I do use one of those too when Dh and i go for long walks.

    3 things I could live without:

    1. Baby tub - it was great for a few weeks when I was all awkward bathing him but he got too big for it fast and now we just bathe him in the big tub. We got it second hand for $5.oo though so not really a big deal.

    2. Baby monitor - since he sleeps in our room we haven't used it yet. I bought it so he culd be sleeping hin his room and I could go downstairs to check the computer but he sleeps on my lap when I do that so we haven't needed it.

    3. Too many baby blankets and socks. Don't buy more than one blanket, you will be given more than you could ever use. I have a huge pile of them that have been given to me. Socks never stay on his feet and he is usually in footed pyjammas anyway, we have a drawer full of unworn socks.

    Other things we found usefull:

    Change table - It's much easier on my back to use the change table then the floor. We sometimes use the crib but it's lower and so again hard on my back. The change table also makes a great place to store all our diapering needs. We got a crib and table combo second hadn though for really cheap.

    Playmat/Gym - DS is just at the stage now where he is interested in it and it keeps him busy for decent stretches of time. I can sit beside him folding laundry or sewing and talking/singing to him while he bats happily at the toys.

    Onesies - Shirts are terrible as when you pick them up they bunch up around the armpits. Onesies (long sleeved and short sleeved) are much better as they stay put when you pick up baby.

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    OK heres my list

    1 Bassinet on pram. Piper slept in it for first six weeks and we could wheel from room to room. Also great for shopping, as didn't have to cart around baby capsule. Although only useful for about five months (she crawled at 5.5 months) she loved lying on her tummy and pushing up on her arms and people watching while out and about, lol, so cute.

    2 Baby carrier. I remember pacing the footpath outside my house with Piper crying and me reading a book over her head. Multi tasking lol.

    3 Plush minky style blanket. We were given one that was about 1mx 1.5m (so not as big as bed size) and it was thick and soft enough for baby to play on, take to mums groups, wrap her up outdoors, etc. Plus easier to wash than sheep skin.

    4 Baby bouncer. Not an old fashioned one, but one shaped a little like a simple car seat. We were given a simple style one without attachments and it was fine. Great for keeping baby nearby when your in the shower or doing chores etc. She could sit in it and watch you and still play with a small toy in her hands.

    5 Onesies. Look neater and more comfortable for baby. Separates are really awkward until they can stand up.

    6 Soft lamp in bedroom. So we could see her from door and check chest was rising up and down lol.

    Things We didn't need

    1 Bottles. I bf for 13 months, exclusively for 5-6 months. Piper didn't really take to bottles, pretty much went straight on sipper cups. So we had soooo many bottles that weren't used.

    2 Knitted cardigans. They look so cute, but there was no way I was putting hand wash clothes on her before I had used all the clean drip dry no iron outfits lol

    3 Teddies. OMG it seems like they breed in the night and Piper just wasn't interested in teddies or dolls until she was about 2. (Except for one or two favourites)

    Things we didn't have and didn't miss

    1 Baby monitor
    2 Mobile over cot (just had two cute things tied to sides)
    3 Baby walker
    4 jolly jumper
    5 nappy wrapper
    6 Dedicated bf chair. I would just bf in bed or in front of TV/computer etc
    7 porta cot

    Hope this helps.

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    Five things i couldn't/can't live without:

    1. Safe and Sound baby capsule- I needed to get out of the house on a regular basis so the capsule was great as i kept my sanity while DD slept. She stayed in until she reached the weight limit.

    2. Baby bouncer- Great place to put DD when i was in the kitchen cooking or when i wanted to vacuum around her. Also used it to feed her before she was able to sit in a high chair. We use to take it outside too and only stopped using it when really started to move around

    3. CD player in her room- Its part of her sleep routine

    4. Maclaren stroller- so light and easy to get around. DD can lay back and sleep in it too.. i think its the vogue.

    5. Infa Baby bath, infa baby seat and stand for the bath- Great height, easy to fill and empty. DD had lots of fun until she was about 7 months and to tall to have some real fun in there.

    Things i could live without:

    1. The $500 valco three wheeler. For some reason i wanted a three wheeler and being 7 months pregnant when we bought it DH lifted it in the shop and told me it wasnt to heavy. Hmm. I found it really big, had to put shopping around it in my hatch back and i avoided a lot of shops as i couldnt fit in coz of the back wheels. It does have its great features but didnt suit me. (wish i knew)

    2. The 50 bonds singlets i got at the baby shower (from 0000-0) i hate them...they dont cover her back properly...i went and bought a lot of singlet suits which i found great for winter when everyone was picking her up and holding her, her tops would go up but her back was still covered.

    3. The Medela swing breast pump. Very good, i highly rate it but i bought it for the wrong reasons. (to use at home while dd was in SCN so it was easier for me) Am a SAHM so didnt really use it much. Very expensive for the short use i got out of it but hoping to use it when we have another bub

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    5 things I couldn't live without -

    1) Lights and sounds music box : great to send him off to sleep and easy to put on if he stirs halfway thru a sleep. It just lulls him back into the land of dreams!

    2) Music for Dreaming cd - great to play while he is sleeping in case of any loud sudden noises - i constantly drop things and this helps him sleep right through it

    3) Swaddle Rug - DS had to be wrapped for sleep (gosh this is all about sleep so far!) and when he easily escaped from normal bunny rugs. This has a 'pocket' for their legs and velcro tabs to keep them wrapped securely. Now he has outgrown wraps, we have moved onto sleeping bags and couldn't live without them either. Gives you great piece of mind that if they escape their blankets in the middle of the night, they are still covered.

    4) Baby Bjorn - DS has reflux so to begin with i carried him everywhere in it. It really saved my sanity and helped him too. Great for doing the shopping if you think they are to small to go in the capsule part of the trolley and great if you are nicking out to the shops but don't want to lug the pram and also gives hands free!

    5) Baby monitor - especially now DS is own room but great for the beginning - while he was sleeping i could go and sit out on the front steps and have my lunch and get some fresh air, or hang out the washing and still be able to listen for him.

    6) If i can add a 6th - baby bath. My back got to sore to lean over the big bath and it wasn't practical to shower with him every night (he is a chucker so needs bathing everyday!). I could put the bath over the kitchen sink and he was my height, so no sore back.

    And i agree with a baby swing too! Especially one that rocks itself. Allowed us to eat dinner without tag teaming it and is now good for DS to go in if he needs a bit of quiet time.

    Things I didn't need -

    1) Lots and lots of fancy baby clothes. DS lived in jumpsuits for a long time. It was so impractical to dress him up and then have to undress him for sleep. Which they hopefully will do alot of!

    2) Mittens! We got given stacks and stacks. He never used them because he could pull them off and i was scared he would choke. The Bonds wondersuits have the fold down sleeves that make fantastic mittens

    3) Mobile over cot - as in one with dangly toys hanging off it. it was so distracting for him that i had to take it away which i feel bad because it is beautiful and cost my sister a lot of money. We use the light and sound box and it is way better

    I have thought of one more thing that i love - Modern cloth nappies! They are great, throw them in the wash, save heaps of money on disposables (we use a mix of cloth and disposable) and they are just like a disposable in the way you put them on.

    Chalalan - after i posted this, i realised what your sig said. I am so sorry, my heart goes out to you xx
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    5 things we couldn't live without

    1. Change Table - I know some people say they are useless but we love ours.

    2.Dummy - We were only planning on using one if we really had to and never ended up actually buying one. Noah went to Special Care the night he was born and apparently this often cause seperation anxiety for a few days. Noah wouldn't sleep unless you were holding him for a few days one night Phil went to touch him and try to settle him and his finger went in Noah's mouth and all of a sudden SILENCE but when he pulled the finger out crying again. So we called mum and at 10.30 at night she went out to find somewhere open to buy a dummy. So even if you don't like them I recommend keeping one JUST IN CASE

    3.Cloth Nappies - to wipe up spews or whatever

    4. Gorgeous Outfits - I have to say Noah has always and still always wears cute outfits so I do think they are worth it even though most would disagree with me.

    5.Dog Dog - Just a cuddly dog that makes music when you pull the tail. Was good to settle Noah and he loved it slept cuddling it every night for the first few months

    1. Too many blankets/wraps - Noah was only in them for a few weeks.

    2. Baby Bath - Only used it a handful of times and then we showered Noah and now we shower him or bath him in the big bath.

    3. Baby carrier - Just never really used it.

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    *em* - can you hang the mobile over the change table instead to distract him while you're changing him and get use out of it?

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    Top Five:

    1. Singlet suits that do up at the crotch. Whenever I picked DS up his top and normal singlet would ride up and expose his back to the cold Melbourne winter!

    2. Symphony in Motion musical mobile. DS loooved this and I could put him underneath it and nip off to to have a shower and he would goo at it happily while I had those precious 5 minutes to feel human again.

    3. Breastfeeding pillow

    4. Blackout curtain for DS's room.

    5. Bodysuits with an envelope neckline - DS hated having clothes pulled over his head.

    Things I didn't need - I can think of more than 3!

    1. Breast pump. I bought one and found that I had a lot of trouble expressing. What a waste of time and money. No problem with breastfeeding, just couldn't express. Hire a machine first before splashing out on your own.

    2. Baby bath - DS was in the big bath by the time he was 4 weeks old because he liked to stretch out so kept bumping his head on the edge of the baby bath.

    3. Had way too much bedding, blankets, etc. Everyone gives you bedding and all you need are fitted sheets and sleeping bags, once baby is getting out of the swaddle.

    4. Too many cute expensive outfits that he only wore once or twice (some not at all). This includes way too many baby hats and baby shoes.

    5. Stuffed toys. Everyone gives stuffed toys and DS couldn't give a stuff about them!

    6. Lotions and potions! Something very plain and fragrance free such as Cetaphil is fine and much better for their skin.

    7. Three wheel pram. Wish I'd gone for a 4 wheel pram that was smaller.

    8. Nappy wrapper bin. Just use scented nappy sacks and get rid of them in your normal rubbish. The nappy wrapper bin really stinks whenever we open it to empty it now, despite regular disinfection. And the nappy wrapper refills are really expensive!

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    Twin Sister - great idea but unfortunately ours is one of the ones that is made to go between the bars of the cot, so it won't fit to the change table. I have taken it apart and have the bit with all the little toys hanging from a ribbon from the roof above his table, and the music part etc has just been stored away in the cupboard. He doesn't pay any attention to it at the moment because once he is on the change table he is too busy trying to roll over, make a grab for anything on the side of table and to touch his 'boy bits'

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    Fave 5

    1. Ocean Wonders Musical Swing
    2. Jolly Baby Play Mat
    3. Avent Isis Manual Breast Pump/Bottles(great to use when nipple are sore/cracked and for when I went back to work so DS can have EBM).
    4. 3 Wheeler Pram and a proper sun shade to fit pram.
    5. Muslin Wraps and now a Sleeping Bag

    I need to add another thing I love, Lucas's papaw ointment. Can be used for soooo many things.

    3 Things I could do without

    1. So many body suits that people buy for babyshower or when bub is born. I think I ended up with more than 30 of these. They are great for sleeping in but really don't need so many.

    2. Way too many pairs of socks. DS can't wear most of them as his feet are quite long but his legs are skinny and they just fall off.

    3. All the lotions and bath products we were given. Just need the basic bath wash.

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    5 things I coundn't live without:

    1. Bouncer
    2. Baby bath that slides out from the change table. Its also on wheels so its easy to move into the bathroom to fill up
    3. Book "Baby Bliss"
    4. Cloth nappies for spew rags
    5. Microwave steriliser

    3 things I didn't need:

    1. Rocking chair
    2. Nappy Wrapper
    3. Too many newborn size 000 clothes

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    I would agree with:things i didnt need

    Rocking chair
    baby monitor
    Just didnt use either.

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    Things I couldnt live without:

    Baby Rocker
    Breast Pump
    Cloth nappies for mopping spills and chuck up
    Muslin wraps
    bottles for partner to feed baby expressed milk for night feeds

    Things i didnt need/use:

    Baby Carrier/sling
    Change table - I used a changemat on the floor (good if you dont have much space)
    Knitted booties - they fall off!!!

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    Default Things I needed and didn't

    Things I can't live without:

    1. Nappy Wrapper - so handy to have right beside the...
    2. Change table - at the right height and can be wheeled to the bathroom door for easy undressing and dressing pre and post bath.
    3. Baby bjorn - so good for settling them in the early weeks and so handy now that she's a bit heavier if I just have to go a short distance after a car journey and don't want to lug the capsule about
    4. Express machine - I don't use it much, but in the early days when I felt really full really often and bub had had enough, I used to express off the excess to feel comfortable and prevent mastitis
    5. Mobile with a remote control - she loves it and it sends her to sleep nicely. But if she lasts longer than it's auto-shutoff, I can re-activate it from the doorway without her seeing me and wanting to be picked up!

    Things I don't really need:
    1. Oh, the cuddly toys! So many gifts and so many just sat about pointlessly gathering dust. I keep meaning to take some down to the local hospital, but they probably don't want them either!
    2. Fisher price bath - I like the actual bath, but we haven't used the sling at all, so would just recommend buying a cheaper baby bath
    3. Summer clothes in the size she'll be in winter and vice versa. Again, well meaning gifts, but I doubt she'll wear them.


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