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Thread: Anyone have an Infa Axcess Change Centre with Bath?

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    Default Anyone have an Infa Axcess Change Centre with Bath?

    Wondering if anyone has the above?
    DH and I put one on layby, but there was none on display for me to have a play with and see what it was like?
    Is the bath a reasonable size?
    I was attracted to it being moveable so it will hopefully be easier on me after my c/s, with regarads to bathing and changing.


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    we have one but it is an older model - ours was a good size for a while but Jake was a big baby (55cm) and the bath was moulded and had a bump in the middle that is supposed to make it easier to bath them but it made it harder because he was so long he got caught on it and couldn't fit in it properly. HOWEVER we loved the fact it was mobile and the height etc made bath time very very easy. HTH

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    Thanks Nelly The height was one of the things I was worried about


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