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Thread: Baby gear shopping in Melbourne's east.

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    Default Baby gear shopping in Melbourne's east.

    Hi all.

    Finally getting our butts into gear this weekend to start looking for furniture, etc. (cot, change table/drawers, pram, sling). This is not only our first child, but the first grandchild and the first baby amongst my friends. So we have no hand me downs, no advisors and absolutely no idea! Ha, ha! But we are loving it. Where is your favourite place to shop in Melbourne's east? We have a list of baby gear retailers (Baby Bunting, Babyco, Baby Target etc.) but no idea where to start! We are looking for reasonable prices and a decent range. Does anyone know of any superstores in the area? Your advice is much appreciated.

    Thanks, Lisa.

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    Well you've covered the ones I mostly go to but there is one that is lovely, a bit pricier than some of the others but they have beautiful stuff!! It's called the Baby Gallery and it's in Clayton on Princes Hwy (Dandenong Rd).

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    i went to Parenthood in Richmond today and they have lots of posh & pretty stuff! cool if you're into that sort of thing. some of the stuff was pretty exy but had some really cute stuff too. wasn't too impressed with the service though.

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