thread: Best commercial wipes

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    That's good to hear Sazz, one more to add to the lonely supermarket list, now there's two!

    there are also brands that i see online, or in environmental shops,but i haven't bought those due to cost and availability.

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    Yeah but the Curash ones are full of parabens.

    As mummy to two eczema bubs and wife to an eczema DH and having sensitive skin myself, I also agree washing powder is extreeeeemely important, one of the main culprits for skin irritation. I loved the ecostore powder but it didn't agree with DD and DH. It's been very much trial and error (and a little expensive) finding a powder that all of us can tolerate, there was always at least 2 of us who suffered skin irritation from whatever I bought. So I use Bio-Zet exclusively now.

    I too was obsessed with toiletry shopping when I was pregnant...to the point where I told people not to buy me any cos I wanted to buy it all myself LOL! I loved it, thought it was so much fun...and I have learned a lot along the way.

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    Parabens are also a known carcinogen. Couple that with SLS (sodium laurel sulfate) which makes the skin more porous and baby's skin is soaking up that chemical goodness!

    SLS is found in pretty much all commercial brands of baby wash,shampoo etc. Parabens are found in most commercial body moisturisers, conditioner etc.

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    I am anti-paraben too, i was going to look again at the Curash wipes next time i went to supermarket. (to double check it for myself, cos it's been a long time since i did my own survey - all i could remember was that Curash didn't pass my criteria).

    it's like when i was surveying the supermarket washing detergents, my criteria was quite long, and many brands NEARLY made it, except they had ONE thing i didn't want them to be using.

    so i go back to my original point,
    the ONLY ones i have found (in supermarkets) that meet my criteria, are the Nature Babycare ones.

    (no parabens, no sodium laureth sulphate, no perfumes, no colours, no propylene glycol).

    their list of ingredients is:
    water, glycerin, panthenol, aloe barbadensis leaf extract, cocamidopropppylamine oxide, phenoxyethanol, ethylhexylglycerin, sodium benzoate, citric acid
    I don't understand what this all this, only that it doesn't contain any of the nasties on my criteria list. We only use them for going out, for poo.

    customer info is found at naty (their website)

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    Oh, ok I was unaware they had parabens in as i havent bought them myself

    I was wondering what to get that would be ok on her face as she is a messy toddler now and sometimes there arent enough wipes packed that I am willing to sacrifice one for her face, knowing it will be needed for her bottom later KWIM? Is there any commercial wipes that are ok on the face at all? DD gets eczema too so I usually dont use them. Just like to have something there for sticky situations... are the nature babycare ones ok for that do you think? Wonder if I can get them here "in the sticks"?

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    I`ve used J & J for years,but since starting to shop at Aldi`s I quite like theirs too.