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Thread: Gro bags?

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    Default Gro bags?

    Where do I get one?
    How much do they cost?
    Did you use the grobag by itself in winter ie. no blankets?
    Do you think baby is warm enough without blankets
    How much clothing did you put on the baby?
    Did you buy a swaddle blanket and how did you find it, was it worth the money??
    Whats your opinion on cheaper sleeping bags from Big W etc?

    Ok, thats all I can think of for now.

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    Easy and quick answer for you is to google bambinipronto. That is the supplier of gro bags here.

    I don't have a gro bag for Abbey, just couldn't afford one. I do however have a Snug Time bag for her, which is the same principle as the gro bag. Abbey wears an all in one suit and singlet under hers and yes, I still use some covers on her.

    That said, alot of other ppl don't like to use the covers. So I guess it's up to you and your bub.

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    I just bought one for Olivia.. babylicious is the brand I think.. ebay under $15

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    Default Miracle Blankets

    I bought 2 "Miracle Blankets" to swaddle bub with. They really were great (I have other covers on top). She couldn't escape and stays safely wrapped until the morning. She's 16 weeks now and am only just moving to grobags and sleeping bags (now that she's rolling, she needs to sleep with her arms out).

    Is also quite good to get a sleeping bag with a hole for the harness so that on cold days you can put her in it in the pram and she can't kick off the blanket. Obviously you can use that sleeping bag in the cot too. DJs has lots of different brands - I don't think it really matters which.

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    I love the gro bags, have used one for Charlie since about 20wks. Before that I just swaddled & put a nice warm blanket on top. Think until they move about its easier to swaddle than spend the dosh on the gro bag. I tried some other brands too as they are exp & tbh the other brands is where I wasted my $$$. Many don't have the piece that stops the zip scratching under the chin, or piece to hide the zip for when they know how to open themselves. Also the sizing on many isn't that great or the zip goes up, not down which is easier for night nappy changes....& I dont like polar fleece as it doesn't breath very well at all.

    In Summer we had Charlie in a 1.0tog with a thin bonds suit so his arms were covered as it was very hot & we still had the air cond on. But I didn't worry about blankets. However atm I still have him in a 1.0tog as haven't got to buying another & he's in a wondersuit, singlet, socks & still put a blanket on him. When I get a warmer one then I don't have to stress about the blanket as much as we will also have the heater on to take the chill off. Depending on how cold & what you use its still nice to have the comfort of a blanket on top I think, but with Charlie it's always off in a matter of minutes LOL.

    Yes I would suggest bambini pront also & they often have some on special.

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    I agree with the previous posts and highly recommend a grobag/sleeping bag.

    Our daughter loves to kick all the sheets and blankets off which is not a problem in summer but now that the weather is colder we couldn't do without a grobag. We live in tassie and I am currently using a 2.5 tog and a bonds wondersuit underneath (I add a singlet on really chilly nights) and no blankets. It just depends on the climate where you live.

    If you do go out and about a bit then keep an eye open for the travel versions that have a hole to thread through seatbelt/pram strap between the legs because it may save you waking bub.

    I would also suggest you google Bloom & Grow Direct (based in Hong Kong). They currently have some winter grobags on sale at half price. I have only used them once but have no complaints. It is all in american dollars but with the good exchange rate at the moment even when you convert and add freight you can often do well.

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