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Thread: I wasn't going to... but I can't help myself. Car seats.

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    Hi again,
    MR- that's what i thought. If only I knew all of this before we went baby shopping- 20/20 hindsight is a wonderful thing!
    Belfie- We ended up with two, a capsule and convertible, and used one in each car. It is a good idea to have one for each car. When I was talking to the restraint fitting place today, they said they sell their ex hire capsules starting at $80, and they can guarentee they are well cared for, sterilised after each use and have never been in an accident, so maybe you could find something similiar? They were also telling me about a Safe'n'Sound maxi seat, taht converts from rear to front to booster. Pricey- about $400- but cheaper in the long run.

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    The S&S Unity is good to 12kg. The Fisher Price Capsule & Base is exactly same as the Unity, rebranded.

    I love our capsule, its so easy to get Oliver in and out of the car. I can load him in the house, tuck a blanket over, then load the capsule in the car. Also, when he was a newie he was so lost in mum's convertible seat. He has really only fit into it properly in the last couple of weeks, before that he was just tiny and it didn't seem safe.

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    Default I recommend a new capsule

    I hired a capsule from the red cross (a bargain $50 for 3 months), which was fabulous for the purpose of not disturbing bub when asleep- especially in that first month when they sleep heaps and are little enough to carry in the capsule easily. However it was an old model and rather awkward- therefore we took bub out of it before he reached 3 months and put him in his safe n sound car seat. He is much more comfortable in his car seat, but I quite regret not spending the extra on a new plush capsule. My sister-in-law has one and they are fantastic. Of course they also double as a mini-rocker/seat when you visit family and friends houses.
    We try really hard not to wake bub when getting him out of his car seat- but to no avail. Then of course we have to go to the hassle of getting his pram out of the car as he needs something to fall asleep in when we visit others. For the next bub I will definitely be buying a new capsule and will utilise it for as long as possible.

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