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Thread: New Bertini range

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    Default New Bertini range

    Just wondering if anyone has any feedback on these prams.The 1 i'd be looking at inparticular is the X4 as with that pram you can attach a toddler seat.

    I'm just not sure on the new look of them as i preffered the look of the previous range.

    I do know this brand is reliable as my cousin had a twin Bertini pram for her girls & raved about it.

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    Default Bertini X4 Lite

    Hi there,

    I am also looking at this pram as it has the reversable seat and toddler seat option. Plus I think it looks pretty funky!
    My only qualm with it is that if you want the bassinet mode for a newborn, you need to purchase the bassinet part separately, rather than have it convert from bassinet to seat mode all-in-one. Nevertheless, I found 2 very good reviews of this pram on - which you might find helpful.
    Let me know if you find a picture of the X4 lite with the toddler seat attached. I couldn't find one, even on their website.

    Best wishes.

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