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    I have just purchased a Phil and Teds 2007 SP Sports Model pram off ebay and it comes with a doubles kit/toddler seat attachment and cocoon. I have a 3 year old daughter and newborn son and am confused as to how I am to seat them in the pram.

    Does my toddler sit in the main seat and my newborn lay in the cocoon placed in the toddler seat/sling attachment that's located under the main seat or vice versa???? My daughter weighs 16kgs so I don't know if there are any weight restrictions.

    When walking on short trips I intend to purchase a skateboard for my toddler to stand on so does anyone have any suggestions on a good suitable brand? Thank- you, all suggestions and feedback is greatly appreciated.

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    the idea with a new born and toddler is you put the toddler attachment on the front (take the cross bar off to do this) for your 3 yr old and lay the main seat down flat and put bubs in from the back - thus no seat down at basket level. if its cold enough where you are you can put bubs in the cocoon to put them in and out the back with greater ease

    as bubs grows and can be propped a bit the toddler seat goes back on the bottom and the youngest goes in there with the oldest back in the front in the main seat zipped back up to sitting position.

    The pram has a 25kg weight limit for the main seat and 15kg for the toddler seat when in rear position.

    hope this is as clear as mud - if you have a look on the phil and ted website they usually have some photos of all the different options for set up (not closeups or anything)

    don't know anything about toddler runner boards so can't help with that sorry.

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    Instead of a runner board for your toddler try a Bibi Strollie Rider. My daughter uses one for her 2YO and it is fantastic. It resembles a small bike with foot holders, but no pedals, that attachs to the handle of the pram/stroller and goes to the side of the pram/stroller. It comes with lots of different size attachments so that it will fit nearly all prams/strollers. It is also really easy to remove if needed. Just google for more information.
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