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Thread: Portacot Advice Needed

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    Default Portacot Advice Needed

    Hi There,

    I'm looking to purchase a portacot in the next week or so. Before I do, any words of advice/recommendations?? Are some brands better or are they generally all the same??

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    Hi, I bought a "Childcare" brand porta cot which came with the attachments for bassinet & change table & I love it. I haven't used it for ages as DD is now 3 yrs old but will definately use it again for DS when he's born.

    So from my experience I can highly recommend the childcare porta cot (cant remember what model sorry)

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    I have a baby love one I think.. Does the job

    I saw a cool looking one the other day at a site called rosie posie.. I think!! Its a pop up one I think.. if I was having my first I would consider it.. It is around the same price as some other porta cots..

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