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Thread: prams - is mountain buggy the way to go?

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    Default prams - is mountain buggy the way to go?

    a lot of people seem to have mountain buggys - and i think i understand why. i just want to check i haven't missed anything. i have come to realise that there is no perfect pram out there. what you have in one you dont have in the other.

    mountain buggy
    + is sturdy, practical and handles outdoor terrain well, parks, gravel, up and over pavements.
    - toddler always faces outwards, it is wide, very long and bulky.

    however there doesn't seem to be a pram of similar quality that handles outdoor terrain as well and is any less bulky. ihree wheel prams that handle outdoor s better than 4 wheels, but most three wheels have the toddle always facing outward.

    is there a 4 wheel pram that handles outdoor as well as mountain buggy? is there a 3 wheel pram that has a reversable seat or is any less wide and bulky?

    we have looked at bugaboo, peg perego stake, bertini x2 and quinny - and all these 4 wheels have smaller front rubber tyres that will be rougher over gravel/bumps.

    what do you think on our decision? (also looking for validation if you agree!)

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    Hi, I've just bought the swallow's bemma Q from babyco, I've previously had bulky prams with huge wheels, my last being a bertini which cost the earth.

    I saw an article in the choice magazine on the beema Q and after all the testing they put it through was quite impressed. Most shocking is that's it's a three wheeler, I've never had one before! I've been testing it out on short trips with my 3 year old and I'm very impressed with the way it handles. Might be worth a look, best of luck with your pram shopping!

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    I've got the mountain buggy. I have to say that I didn't look around at other prams at all, as my sister & SIL both had the MB & both were really happy with it. I've also been really happy with it, but this is maybe because I just decided it was the one for me. I also bought the bassinette that goes with it & used it for the first 3-4 months, until DS got sick of looking at the sky, but still used the bassinette as a portable cot until about 5 months (when he got too big), and found it really handy. DS has never had any issues with being outward facing, but then he's a pretty curious kid so it suits him to see everything that he can. But I do use the window that's built into the hood to keep an eye on him. Other than the fact that I can't get it through the normal checkout aisles in Coles, the width generally isn't an issue, at least it hasn't been for me. Safeway/woolworths aisles are mostly not a problem, although having said that I do tend to favour the wheelchair checkouts anyway, but mainly because there's usually no chocolate/lollies in these. And it's easy to fold up, and IMO not as heavy to lift as it looks. The biggest downside I can see to them is that there's no toddler attachment for them - which if you're thinking that you'll have kids close together could make it an expensive purchase if you have to upgrade in relatively quick succession.

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    I was tossing up between the mountain buggy and the phil and teds sports, when the lady at the shop recommended the phil and teds because it's not as wide - will fit through the supermarket check outs, it's just as good off road and you can get the toddler seat attachment which the mountain buggy doesn't have if you're going to have another bub...

    Saying all this, I haven't had my baby yet so I don't know if it will stand the test!

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    when I was looking I found the following (according to manufacturer's websites) - widthwise (when unfolded):

    MB: 68.5cm
    P&T Sports: 62cm
    BeemaQ: 60cm

    Obviously there's other things to take into consideration as well though, so depends what's important to you. For me, I wanted something narrower - the MB probably would have barely fitted through a narrow (yet crucial) doorway in my house) - so I ended up getting the P&T sports.

    Happy shopping!

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    I love my MB! I bought it on the recommendation of my sister and LOTS of internet research. I have been using it for 6 months and have not had a prob fitting anywhere- mind you I go thru the wheelchair aisle in supermarkets by habit now but I haven't ever been stuck anywhere. It folds out and collapses so easily. Everything about it is easy actually....and so smooth. I can also guide it with one finger- truly!
    I think they (MB) are looking into a toddler attachement but if/when another bub comes along I also use a sling (Ergo) alot and so can use both together...

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    We went Phil & Teds over the MB basically because of the rave reviews from friends and the fact that it has the toddler seat. I have friends who loved their Beema Q but when surprise #2 was on the way they had to buy a new pram with toddler seat so they got a P&T and now wonder why they didn't go there in the first place.

    See if you can give the MB and P&T a run to see if you like one more than the other.

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    i am in the same situation... which to choose??
    someone also recommended the new steelcraft strider, reversible. comes in 3 or 4 wheel. but not sure haven't heard anything about it. will definatley check out p+t.
    sorry i couldnt be much help.. keep the advice coming!

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