thread: Prams, prams, prams!!

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    Question Prams, prams, prams!!

    Hi all.

    For weeks now I have been looking for the right pram for me, my 6ft 4" DH and bubs. And I'm still completely in the dark.

    Everytime i go into a shop and ask, they tell me that it depends on my needs, but when I tell them, they still don't really help.

    We live in a rural suburb with no footpaths (therefore need a 3 wheeler?) and close to the beach - my favourite place to walk the dog. I love the idea of a reversable handle/seat (i.e. SC Strider) but also think that a toddler seat would also be good for the future.

    I like prams that come with some accessories (eg. footcover, storm cover, etc.) and that will be suitable for a newborn (flatbed) to a toddler. We have a mazda 3 which has a small boot opening but decent size boot, and I'm conscious of the whole fitting through doors/checkout thing.

    Do these needs sound familiar to eanyone who has purchased a pram within the last 6mths or so? If so, can you please tell me about what pram you bought and whether you would recommend it to me?

    My husband likes the RA Elfin 2, but I think it is not very well made - or maybe it is just that it is so cheap that I think that's the case.

    I like the SC Strider 3 (but no toddler seat), and also like SC Transition. A friend of mine has a Phil & Teds which looks good, but it too expensive and you have to buy all the extras. (Also, they look like you could accidentally kick the toddler in the back when walking, if not careful?)

    Please help me if you can. Would like to buy one within next couple of weeks.

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    Lou, that's quite a list! It's good that you know what you want though.

    I love my pram, but it doesn't fit your bill as it's a four-wheeler.

    I have only heard good things about the Phil and Ted's prams, but I haven't actually tested one myself. I think the Steelcraft prams look great. If that's what really appeals to you, then I wouldn't worry about the toddler seat. Cross that bridge when you come to it! It might be that you have kids so close together that a toddler seat won't cut it, you''ll need something like the Phil and Ted's or a side by side pram. Or there might be a big enough gap that you won't really need a toddler seat. And if it's somewhere inbetween you could always use a sling for the newborn until the toddler doesn't need the pram anymore. Or buy a new pram! (Seriously, that's what I'll be doing, something like the Phil and Ted's).

    Basically, it's going to be hard to match all your criteria, and if you think you love the Steelcraft Strider (and it sounds like you do) then go for it.


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    Jun 2006
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    I have a phil and ted and i LOVE it. I often use the toddler seat and i have never ever kicked the toddler in the back its acctually more forward the it looks. They have a new sports model out too which i would love to upgrade but DH would kill me. I like the fact that both children/babies can fall asleep where in most toddler seats for other prams there is not a high back so they have no where to lean. I suggest to go to a shop and test drive them (like a car). If you have a friend with a child take them and put the child in the pram. I do reccomend the phil and ted but i do suggest look into it as it is expensive. Well worth the money.

    ps if this is your first then you do not need the toddler seat yet anyway so you could purchase it at a later date.


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    I have decided on a Phil & Teds sport - try looking on websites for deals, google mako and phil and teds in the same line. they do some really good deals and often deliver for free... tell them what you want ie sun/storm cover, cocoon etc etc and they will tell you how much it will cost - i think i ended up saving over $100 which meant that most of the extras were free.
    My DH is 6ft2 and i am 5ft2 and we both found this to be comft to push and move
    the best thing that we thought was that for an additional $100 you could convert to the 2 seater.

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    Something to consider...

    I am a big jogger so needed a jogging (ie 3 wheel) pram and we live near the beach too and go walking every day so I needed something suitable for that.

    BUT we have a pulsar hatchback and I wanted something with the reversible handle (which I think is wonderful when you have a newborn- it's great to be able to watch your bub) and that would fit through checkouts etc without any problems.

    So my solution was this:

    I bought a 4-wheel Steelcraft Acclaim which was my 'good' pram. It's the one that stayed in the car and that I used for shopping etc. I recently sold this (for about $70 less than what I paid for it so I didn't lose much money) because I just use a compact stroller now.
    I also bought a 3-wheel Valco off ebay. I payed $60 for it which included the toddler seat, raincover etc. It had some scuff marks etc which meant that it didn't get a lot of bids on ebay but is otherwise in great condition. This is my 'jogging' pram. I take it to the beach every day and I leave it outside. because it has a toddler seat, I will still be able to use it as my jogging pram when the new baby comes.

    This solution works brilliantly for me. I love that I don't have to drag my pram out of the boot of the car each day before I go for a walk and it is nice to take the pram on the beach without worrying about the wear and tear to an expensive pram. The wheel spokes on my jogging pram are starting to get a little rust from the salt water at the beach - but I don't care because it was so cheap...

    Of course, I will probably end up buying the phil and ted now because I'm going to need a 'nice' pram with a toddler seat but I will still use the Valco for jogging and the beach so that my expensive phil and ted doesn't get trashed....

    Sorry for the novel.... Good luck choosing! It is so fun to buy those 'big ticket' items.

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    i have gone for the phil and teds sport too, and got all the accessories... was pricey , but got a very good deal as i got it all together with all my furniture

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    I've got the Beema Q with all accessories. We live in a rural area with few footpaths so we needed somthing rugged. Plus I used to jog as does my husband so wanted something that would allow us to both do that. The Beema Q has an adjustable handle which suits both our heights. The bassinette was half price with the pram and allows you to put bubs in facing you which is great. Also, when you pull over the sunshade o nthe pram and the basssinette at the same time, it's fully enclosed, which is great for sun protection and helping bubs to sleep. It fits through the checkout fine, don't know aobut boot stuff as we have a station wagon. But I'm really loving it!

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    With P&T's, if you get the cocoon (about $80) then that is rear-facing, so you can see bubs. Pip is almost 6 months, and still fits in the cocoon. Plus the cocoon is brilliant when visiting people, just take out the cocoon and carry it around. I also put the cocoon in shopping trolleys, easier to keep bubs asleep than move him into an infant thingy trolley.

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    For my DD who is now 19 months i bought the BeemaQ Swallow 3 wheeler and never had a prob with it but i am pg with no 2 and have upgraded to a phil and ted sports model and TBH i wish i'd bought it for my 1st. It is pricey yes but i spent $399 on my BeemaQ which now sits in our garage so IMO, what a waste! My phil and ted came to $649 but would have only been $549 without the toddler seat. At my playgroup many of us are pg with no 2 and have all upgraded our prams except for one girl who started with the Phil and Ted and jsut bought the toddler attachment. HTH.

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    We were just talking at Mothers Group the other day about how it is so annoying that their isn't one pram that does everything, it might be reversable but the tyres arent right, it may look great but not have any basket storage space, etc.

    I have the Strider and its definately a "latte" pram! I walk alot on footpaths and its really annoying as it doesn't have pneumatic tyres - it has the hard ones so it jumps around alot. I wouldn't recommend it for you if you are planning on walking alot at the beach and unpaved paths. Its great in that bub can face you but really they grow up so fast and want to see whats going on around them so if thats the only reason you are getting it I would reconsider. Im thinking about selling mine and getting either a P & T or 3 wheel Valco and then getting a Maclaren Stroller for day to day stuff!
    The Strider looks great, is great on smooth paths, shops etc. but not for walking anywhere else unfortunately. Hope I haven't confused issues for you!

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    Thank you everyone for your help.

    I apologise for 'painting' my story, rather than pointing out the facts - I realise that it is going to be impossible to find my perfect pram but you guys are certainly helping me work out which ones are the better ones.

    I really do like the Phil and Teds, but convincing my DH that it is worth the money is the hard thing. He thinks I want one purely because they are the 'in thing'! I have heard that Love'n'care is bringing out a similar model to the Phil and Teds called Europa - anyone seen or used one of these?

    76stars, thanks for your comments on the Strider. I don't know anyone who has one, so i had no idea how unsuitable it would have been for where I live. My DH didn't like the wheels and told me that they wouldn't be as good as pneumatic ones, but I didn't really understand why till now.

    Hannahfroodoo, your idea is fantastic, as I was concerned about the wheels rusting from the saltwater. What a great idea!

    Keep the comments coming, please. Hopefully soon I will be able to make my decision.



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    oooh Lou - I hadn't heard that Love'n'care were bringing out a new one. I will have to check it out. I am a bit hesitant to buy the phil and ted too - I don't like how the back recline adjusts with zips - it's so fiddly. And the storage basket is useless when you have a toddler.

    76stars - you are so right! Why can't someone just design a pram with EVERYTHING??? :wink:

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    i too am waiting to see what the love n care europa is like but my baby shops havent got in stock yet so i think i may just get phil and teds for now

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    For the ladies who love the Phil and Ted.... I saw it on sale today at B G*%^re for $479.00.... it is usually 550........

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    Just a quick question girls..

    I've been given a 3 wheeler Valco pram with toddler seat.

    Does anyone know the weight grading of the toddler seat? How much will it hold.

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    I think the valco model I have takes 14kg or something in the toddler seat? or maybe it is 18kg? I can't remember. You should be able to find it on their website though - or if not, there should be a customer service line you can call and ask.

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    I have a valco pram, it came with the lot. Personally i find it pretty heavy to put in and take out of the car. It's hard to try lifting these prams when you go shopping when you are 6-8 months pregnant. I also find it very big and am unable to go into alot of shops because of the back wheels. I have been seriously thinking about buying another pram but don't wish to insult the inlaws who bought the valco for us. Also, i think i remember reading that if you go on the beach with the pram you need to wash the wheels or something? Not 100 % sure and don't know where i put the booklet..but something to find out if you are planning to jog on the beach.

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    Thanks.. I'll give them a call. The website, from what i could see, gave weight measurements on the pram itself, but not on the toddler seat.


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