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Thread: What to do with outgrown Equipment

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    Default What to do with outgrown Equipment

    Im looking for suggestions of how to dispose of our DD's bassinette (outgrown it) & swing (hates it).

    Both are in ex. condition.

    I know i could sell on Ebay but would prefer to donate to someone who needs it, my concern with giving it to one of the charities ie. Salvos is that they tend to on sell the good stuff instead of giving to a family who needs does anyone know there any organisations out there who ensure the goods go to a family?

    Other than that if anyone out there is interested in them PM me.


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    What about a womens and childrens refuge?

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    morgan78 Guest


    Thank you Kellieem thats a great suggestion...will give them a call in the morning

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    Perhaps your local health nurse centre might know of a family in need

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    You could 'Freecycle' too, but the people may not be 'in need' as such. A refuge sounds like a good plan

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