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Thread: Can anyone help with CM question?

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    Default Can anyone help with CM question?

    Hi I have been trying to monitor my cm and enter it in my charting in ff. I have had w, c, and a little bit of ew. today I am 14dpo and have had what seems to be creamy cm however has a bit of colour to it. Not quite brown and not quite red but more like a mixture of both. at around 10dpo i had pink cm. Do you think that this could mean i am utd or could this still be early signs of af? Just want another opinion as I am a bit too scared to test incase its a
    Has anyone been utd with this type of cm or should it be more creamy white colour?
    hope this isnt TMI :s
    Thanks for your help

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    The pink at 10dpo could of been implantation. I too had coloured cm, and is why I got a little suss!! I think at 14dpo you would get a fairly accurate result on a HPT.

    Fingers crossed honey, you wont know till you test honey!!

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