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Thread: Fist morning urine V holding bladder

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    Unhappy Fist morning urine V holding bladder

    hi girls,
    i have been posting on here and in conception in regards to my progress, but i have another question....
    This morning i couldnt help but test again FMU,however i did hold my bladder a little longer than i usually would to try and see if i would get a stronger line. but it come up as a BFN. There was nothing there at all that i could see anyway.
    I still have not had AF. so i am now 14 days late for AF if my exact calculations are correct. I have done all i can now to try and get BT done at docs, but it is now a new policy that says unless there is a medical condition now BT will not be issued to confirm either way of pregnancies. My fertility councellor should be back of holiday monday so i am going to try and get her to request something being done to check me over.
    I also have full ferning on LADYQ microscope and have done for ages, every day so i stopped using it.
    However my question is:
    1. first morning urine without holding bladder?
    2. first morning urine with holding bladder?
    3. during the day with holding bladder?

    This is because i noticed this morning that my urine was more transparent than usual. When i went for tiolet this afternoon after being desperate to go.. (sorry tmi) my urine was a very dark cloudy orange, which to me seemed stronger than the fmu i had this morning, even though i held it for about half an hour befor going this morning.
    I used this same brand last week and got a very faint positive with normal fmu...

    any bright ideas welcome, and tricks welcome, im sure im doign the tests right as the control line comes up fine.


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    Sounds like a very stressful situation - I'm not sure if i can help you with the FMU question, I would assume that with FMU it wouldn't make too much of a difference holding bladder, only cause you have been holding on all night anyway. I'm more concerned that you are 14 days late and the Dr wont approve a BT! I know of some ladies on here that continued to get BFNs whilst they were preg - it just depends on the hormorne levels. Do you know when you O'd? Is it possible for you to go to another Dr and push for a BT?

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    Hi Georgette - I am a little confused about what you are saying.

    FMU is the wee you do after you get up in the morning. This is obviously more concentrated as it has sat in your bladder all night. Because it is concentrated you will get a more accurate hcg detection.

    If you hold your urine (don't go to the toilet) for four hours during the day and you have limited your fluid intake you will also get a concentrated urine sample albeit not quite as concentrated as fmu.

    I hope that helps some. Are you in Australia? It is unusual that you can't get a quantitative hcg level done. Wishing you lots of luck for a

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    Default im in england

    no im not in australia i am in england, unfortuently here everything goes throught the NHS. Which not one of the best health servises in the world.

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    Georgette, go to your GP - that blood hCG test they will order is quantitative. You can demand they do this and it isn't that expensive for them - I worked in the NHS so you can do this even if your GP doesn't like it.

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    Default ok

    ok ryan, thanks for your imput, i will call the doctors again. I was stunned to be honest that they wouldnt do it, and i also rang the hosptial aswell to see what they said and they gave me the same answer. so i guess im going to have to go in there and have a big stress at them lol.

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