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Thread: Negative OPK but still fallen pregnant?

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    Question Negative OPK but still fallen pregnant?

    I'm just wondering if anyone got a negative OPK but still ovulated? I've got all the signs that I'm ovulating (sore boobs, egg white mucus, more energy, increased sex drive) but my OPK still says negative?

    I have an 18 month old who wakes at night/ morning which stops me from temping consistently, so I was hoping the OPK would help me. But it is not telling me what I want to hear!

    Has anyone had a negative OPK but still fallen pregnant?


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    I never had success with OPKs, but that's more to do with frustration with my PCOS than anything else.

    For some women, they'll get a dark line, that's not as dark as the control line, which technically is still a negative (if you take the OPK instructions at face value), but it's as positive as possible for them. It may also depend on the time of day that you are doing your OPKs - morning? afternoon? middle of the day? I've heard of women having a very short LH surge consistently during one part of the day. If that surge occurs in the afternoon, but you test in the morning you won't pick it up, especially as it may have already subsided before you get to the test the next day.

    If all the physical signs are pointing to ovulation, I'd assume that ovulation is actually happening, especially if you are getting darker lines on you OPKs, even if they aren't as dark as the control line. It's also possible that the OPK will turn positive in another day or so.

    Good luck!


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    I agree with BW. OPKs don't always work. They never worked for me either.

    I'd go by the physical signs your body is telling you, especially the EWCM. It is more likely to be accurate.

    Good luck,

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    I never got a positive OPK and I used them for nearly a year, every day from the end of AF to the start of the next AF and twice a day. But it is very obvious that I ovulated at least once because I've got DD.
    Have you thought about trying the maybe baby?? I'm not positive but I don't think they are affected by sleep or lack of.

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    CeeCee2 Guest


    Oh you gals are the BEST! Thanks soooo much for your advise. I just told DH about your response and he was sooooo happy too (he told me I HAVE to spend more time on BB!) he hee

    I did get a faint line on two days, Day 10 & 11, but day 13 & 14 & 15 there was no line (but it was a different brand). grrrr.....

    Nurse Dan....I'm so glad to hear you got a gorgeous girl Oliva on a negative OPK! That is exactly what I want too!

    Ok, well, today is Day 15 - DH came home from work at lunch for another 'try', so will keep you all posted!

    Thanks again!
    PS: I've tried maybe baby and could not work it out, so threw it in the bin, but think I will have to try again next month if I'm not pg now.. thanks!

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