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Thread: Newbie to the site, Wondering if this is a Pos OPK? Pic included.

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    Default Newbie to the site, Wondering if this is a Pos OPK? Pic included.

    Hi all I'm new here,
    I have been TTC for 4 month's and no success. I have two wonderful baby girls 20 months and 7 months old. My DH has low sperm count so we have used Fertility Blend For Him thats what our OB wanted us to do to conceive our 7 month old and it worked wonders! Were are trying to not take anything for a few months to see what happens. .
    My other daughter the 20 month old is from a previous relationship before I got married to my DH.

    I had a really screwed up cycle this month, I have a normal 28 day cycle usually and all the sudden I got 2 periods. My last normal LMP was Nov 18-24 it lasted 7 days and very heavy. I was supposed to ovulate on DEC 2-3 and got another period (1 week after my other stopped) This period only lasted 4 days. I talked to my midwife and she said it was another period and to count it as CD 1. She did an ultrasound and said everything looked great. No cysts, No endo, .

    Well, I had thought I got pregnant at the tail end of that period witch it started on DEC 2 and ended DEC 6th. But I guess that OPK that I had wasn't a true positive. I have been taking HPTS for weeks now AF was due yesterday and nothing. I did have BAD evaps on FRER and on IC tests that were pretty pink but faint in the time frame. I had blood work done and it showed negative below 5.
    I took a OPK on CD 25 just for the hay of it and low behold it was positive I'm pretty sure it was positive anyways I have posted a pic to see what you all have to say. Anyways, I'm late probably due to I ovulated late. I have been charting as well FF said that my temps show ovulation so I guess we will see what 14 days bring. All I have to say is this is the longest cycle I ever had.
    Midwife says that my body is trying to regulate itself after having a baby 7 months ago. (I dont breastfeed anymore)

    Heres a picture of my OPK can you tell me if this is a positive or a negative? In person the test line looks a lil darker than in picture. FF says I ovulated.


    Thank you girls

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    Uumm, that's pretty positive!

    You better take the photo down sweetie - put it in your gallery.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Lulu2 View Post
    Uumm, that's pretty positive!

    You better take the photo down sweetie - put it in your gallery.
    So, I should put that in my gallery?
    I left it up so girls can help me out..
    I think its slightly lighter in the pictures than in person. But, If its not a pos its pretty close and I could have tested to late to pick up the LH surge. The good thing is that FF said I ovulated and me and DH had sex that day.

    So now I have to wait to see what happens I guess...

    By the way its a ovulation test not a HPT. (l0l)

    Thanks so much for looking

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    Not quite ++ but I would think if you had tested later the same day it would have been ++.

    I hope you caught the eggy

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