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Thread: Ok I'm freaking out, need advice re OPK as PT

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    Default Ok I'm freaking out, need advice re OPK as PT

    I really need some advice or explanation or something???

    I hope there isn't a thread on this cause I was frantically looking and lost patience - I need answers ASAP!

    This is our 5th month TTC, I am currently on CD26 (cycles range from 24-28 days), I am 11DPO.

    This morning I done a HPT with hubby before he went to work, and we "found" after much scrutinising a VERY very faint line.

    This started a massive test frenzy on my behalf...I did another different brand PT which was another VERY faint line, but not as faint as the first.

    When I say faint, I really mean very faint.

    But then I remembered you could use OPK's as a PT, so I done a test with ovonow.

    The OPK came up + straight away, nothing faint about it.

    Would an OPK detect pregnancy before a PT??? Im confused.

    My hearts gone all fluttery and I keep checking all the tests lined up in my bathroom. The OPK has a very definate +, the second preg test you can "only just" see at arms length, and the first you search for the very very faint line.

    What do you think? I mean I will test again tomorrow anyway...but I really want to know if the OPK would be reliable in detecting pregnancy like this??????????????

    (oh and no congrats yet I need to be sure)

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    Hello sweety,

    Sounds like you got a bun in the oven . An opk can often pick up hcg earlier than a normal hpt, and given you have got faint lines on the hpt, id say your pg. Test again tomorrow with FMU (use a hpt), and see how you go, it might just be a little early for a dark line on a hpt. Some women dont get those until 14dpo.

    Good luck hun and let us know how you go.

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    I don't have any suggestions, but just wanted to wish you the best of luck! Keeping my fingers crossed for you!

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    ok im much calmer now!

    ive disregarded all tests and will try again tomorrow.

    perhaps we were searching too hard for a line IYKWIM?

    maybe if i get a faint line tomorrow i will get a blood test???

    and yep its definately testing my patience. but i hate needles, so i will put the blood test off as long as possible.

    its hard cause i think sometimes you just want the line sooo bad, its possible we see something that isnt really there IYKWIM. (especially when its sooo faint!)

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    I think it sounds very hopeful! My first test was so faint nobody believed me, even my hubby!! But I knew it was +, so I will be keeping my fingers crossed for you! Have you had any symptoms??

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    yeah well mine were really really faint, so i dont know if its a true positive or a false positive or an evap line or just wishful thinking.

    havent really had any symptoms.

    i always have sore bbs pre AF so thats not really something i can factor in.

    and im always a bit crampy as well.

    so both things i have could be a sign of AF on its way, or pregnancy. other than that - zilch!

    im sooo expecting a temp drop in the morning...

    if my temp doesnt drop i think im going to be super excited!!!

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    OMG thedolphin I saw your temp rise this morning - are you going to test in the morning?

    Good luck honey.

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    awww thanks girls.

    im trying really hard to be cool, calm and collected here!

    did another HPT this morning, again it had a very very faint line. hubby and i went into a discussion of how faint is too faint!

    i had some bad pains this morning whilst making a half of me is still expecting AF to arrive.

    if AF doesnt arrive sometime tomorrow i will be feeling pretty confident. i have never had a cycle last more than 28 days.

    my fingers are crossed my temp stays high and AF stays away!

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    OOOOooh I really really hope u are preg luv...

    I think a line is a line.....

    All my fingers and toes are for you..

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    you're only 12 dpo so its very possible that its too early for a dark bfp.

    Hang in there, and your temps are still looking good.

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