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Thread: OPK as a HPT?

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    Default OPK as a HPT?

    Hi all i have seen on here you can test for a BFP with an OPK, but i cant see how it works or when you can do it.

    Do you just use the OPK the same as you would to test for ovualtion?
    At what point can you expect to see a positive result show up?
    How accurate is it?
    I assume you get a LH surge after implantation? or from the HCG levels?

    I have heaps of them at home and im about to do my ET from my 2nd full cycle, and due to cash amounts maybe my last for a long time, im desperate to find out early or at least get an early idea, 2 weeks will kill me


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    Hi Raideress
    I used an OPK as a HPT at 6 and 8 dpo, both times coming up negative. At 12dpo I tested again using a HPT and it was positive.
    I have also heard of people getting positive OPK's only to then receive negative results on HPTs a couple of days later.
    For some people it may work, but as you cant really be sure that the results are accurate I would not recommend using them as a HPT.
    Hope this helps
    Good luck with whatever u decide to do...

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    Just going to lock this thread & refer you to this one where we have been discussing it recently.

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