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Thread: so confused!

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    Hi Carrie

    As Summer says, read the free course on FF. It will help you understand your body.

    I would test again every few days, or you could see your dr for a blood test. It does sounds like you might have BDd at the right time to get pg.

    I can understand a baby would be quite daunting at your age, even if children are in your plans.

    Good luck and keep us updated!

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    carrie189 Guest


    hi everyone,
    AF arrived yesterday and really badly too- have been feeling really sick with it. im taking a guess that the symptoms i was feeling were probably my body responding to stopping BCP but also maybe signs that AF was on her way. i wanna say thank you SO much to everyone who posted on this thread cos you all really helped me out. i know where i'll be coming when TTC!! i love this site, i think its so great that so many women can get together and discuss anything and everything to do with TTC, falling pregnant and having a baby. its such a great support network and ive really appreciated it and i cant wait to be back properly when TTC! until then im still going to use fertility friend because i think it will be really good to learn more about my body and what everything means etc. mind you, even though im not actively TTC ill still be checking in on this site now and then cos like i said- i think its wonderful!!
    good luck to all of you on TTC, your pregnancies and enjoying your little bundles of joy. ill be thinking of you all and i really hope that you all get those BFP's you're waiting for!! i just really wanted to express my appreciation to all of you. THANK YOU!

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