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Thread: When do I STOP testing

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    Unhappy When do I STOP testing

    Hi All,

    How long is the longest time after missed AF has anyone got a pos test? It is 4 days past my due date & all tests are neg. I am not late ever, normally early, if anything. How long should I test fer before seeing a Dr in case something else is up?

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    I'd wait 2 weeks. I've seen lots of ladies go up to 2 weeks late and not be pregnant or have any issues so it's not all that uncommon. If however, you really feel like you are pregnant I guess it can't hurt to go get tested.

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    Hi, it won't hurt to go to the Doc's and get a BT anyway,it may show you what a HPT won't. Some ladies find that they don't pick up early preg, and if it is something else you have a head start. Good luck.

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    Have you been stressed lately? Has life been quite busy and you've had alot on? Because that can disrupt your cycles. When i got married, afterwards my AF was late by 10 days! I thought I was pregnant but turns out it was just the 'happy' stress from the whole wedding ordeal. I wasn't stressed at all, but rather just busy with life....

    Try and wait 3 more days then test again, if negative and no AF by then, go see a doc and ask for a BT for your peace of mind.

    Good luck hun. I know it's frustrating isn't it.

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