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Thread: When would I have ovulated????

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    Question When would I have ovulated????

    I used an OPK for the first time this month and started testing on thursday and then had a +ve on the Sunday morning around 10.30am

    I was also getting really strong cramping at tea time on Sunday Night. Would the cramping have indicated when I ovulated ie: would this be Day 0 and Monday Day 1po or would I have ovulated on the Monday making Tuesday 1dpo?

    This is all so technical!!!!

    I have been getting slightly sore BBs and a small amount of cramping Yesterday, but other than that everything feels normal. I never got sore BBs in my normal cycles previously.

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    Cramping CAN mean ovulation, but not all craming IS ovulation (IYKWIM). You can also show ALL signs including cramping and still not pop the egg.

    The only true indicators of ovulation are a) clear and sustained thermal shift b) bloodwork and c) pregnancy.

    A positive OPK is a very good sign, but shouldn't be relied upon totally. As to which day it was, you would normally ovulate 12 - 24 hours after a positive OPK which would possibly make Tuesday 1dpo but cannot be confirmed unless your temp shifted at the same time.

    For example, for me, I had two + OPKs (Monday, Tuesday) but didn't see a temp shift until yesterday and confirmed further by another rise today. If my temp goes up again tomorrow I expect to see an O day of Tuesday which will be CD12.


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