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    Good morning all in the last few days i have been reading up on paganism/pagans. It seems to have caught my attention and id like to learn more about exactly what is,how it works etcc.From what i can gather it is another religion/belief but more about the natural "forces" around and earth etcc.I also read things about wicca?witchcraft? those sort of things interest me to but im a bit scepticle about it all as im one to believe in things i can only see infront of me and see them happen. I was brought up as a catholic but have lost the faith many years ago as i find it hard to believe in something i cant see.Doest all that "magical" "spelly" stuff actually work or is it a different part to the paganism? Could someone or a few please explain and perhaps teach me more about what it is,how it works,where it leads to etcc.

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    Apr 2009

    wow lots of questions but let me do my best to answer some of them.

    Paganism/witchcraft/wicca are all about a more natural path and a very individualised path, what a witch does varies from coven to coven, individual to individual but at its core its very nature based. Most of us follow the and celbrate the seasons (sabbats) and the moons (full moon is an esbat) we beleive in Gods and Goddesses and worship them.

    As for does all the magic/spell stuff work I beleive it does as I have always been able to feel the energy in things (it kind of feels like a tingle under my hands and through my body) I view spellwork as kind of being like prayer. In prayer a christian puts a lot of energy in to talking to their god and asking for what they need and essentaily that is what we are doing when we are working a spell.

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    paganism is an umbrella term for nature based religions - just like christian is an umbrella terms for religions that believe in christ

    wicca - is a modern (1954) religion

    witchcraft - is an encompassing term for one of the pagan paths

    not all witches are wiccan and not all wiccans are witches AND not all witches or wiccans are pagan and not all pagans are witches or wiccans (you confused yet )

    take a look at a lot of the catholic rituals - they are VERY pagan like

    paganism is about balance & duality, they worship the God and the Goddess, etc - there is a balance in everything

    some believe in a threefold law - that everything you do comes back at you threefold (so 3 times)

    spellwork - well for me it works when it is supposed to, sometimes it doesn't work, sometimes it does. It is very much like the xtian concept of praying - you ask for what you would like to manifest in your life. For most pagans (who do spellwork - not all do), there is preparation before doing a spell, it helps build the energy and focus the intent of what you would like manifested.

    I'll come back and post more when my head is less fuzzled from the ritual on friday night.