thread: Happy Beltane/Samhain

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    Mar 2006
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    Thumbs up Happy Beltane/Samhain

    To all the wonderful BB pagans out there.

    Wishing you the most magical beltane and/or samhain tonight.

    I've been cooking up a ritual storm all afternoon. I'm going to be doing some ancestor work later on tonight for samhain (closer to the "witching hour") and then celebrate beltane with my gorgeous DH.

    I find ancestor work is more powerful on "halloween" in October than if I attempt to time it to southern hemisphere dates.

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    Jan 2006

    Schaz - more info please!!!! What are these special celebrations and what do they mean?? Curious to learn more if you are willing to share

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    have done an info post on the two holidays. Just general information on them.

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    Giving the gift of life to a friend..

    Wishing you a wonderful beltane and/or samhain for last night too Schaz!

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    Schaz, I've posted a new thread and would value your input - would you mind having a look-see?

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