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    Exactly, the pressure to keep a time schedule is massive and completely silly. This is why I could never keep the routines for more than 3 days at a time, I'd be out for coffee with a friend and suddenly get all flustered because I needed to be home in time for the 1pm nap.

    A general schedule works really well for us , ie. a mid-morning, mid-afternoon and early-evening nap - the times are dependent on a combination of where I'm at and where Bonnie is at for the day. It's a much more relaxing way to approach the day that way, and if it means that I'm missing out on a full-night's sleep because I'm not a slave to the clock (although I doubt that this is the case) then I am more than happy for that to be the case.

    The other complaint about these books that promise sleeping through the night is the assumption that babies are waking at night for tangible reasons - eg. hungry or cold. Last night I had insomnia, I just couldn't sleep - I wasn't hungry or cold, I just had lots of things on my mind, and I've had 30 odd years of practise sleeping. Why then should we assume that babies are any different?

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    We're the same - a rhythm rather than a routine. And as Clarrie said, it depends on where Angus/other things are at. Yesterday he woke to feed at 6 and was then wide awake and up for the day. This morning he fed at 5.15 but then went straight back to sleep until 7.45. I sometimes feel a little 'bad' when people ask what time his sleeps are when trying to organise something. I have to say, it all depends, who knows etc but I know in my heart this is right for us. All the same, I'm so so so glad to have you girls re-affirming this for me.

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