thread: Placental abruption- TMI

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    Nov 2009
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    Oh My God, So glad your back in hospital Brooke, i;ve heard its extremely dangerous for both mother and baby. The XP What AN ARSE ... I wish I knew him Id sort him out lol

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    Another update ladies...

    B will be having a CS ASAP as bubs is begining to become distressed, her ob is also angry she was sent home in the first place as is her family!

    Thoughts and prayers are with B & her fam, hoping lil man is as healthy as he can be!!

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    oh gosh hun, sending strong healthy vibes to her and bubs. praying he's ok

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    my thoughts and prayers are with Brooke and her precious baby. wishing them strength and healing xx

    I also was horrified to read that they sent her home with a placental abruption like that. that is really concerning from a care provider that we are meant to trust our lives with.

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    Oh that's good news. I know he's a little too early but if she has an abruption he is far safer out than in.

    Sending you all my love, support and positivity as your little man is brought Earthside.

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    How scary - sending you lots of strength and love hun

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    Oh my goodness, I hope and pray all is well with you and your little one.

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    Jun 2008
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    my thoughts are with you, brooke and your family.
    the best place to be and i hope your bubba arrives safely x

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    Sending all my love and strength to you Brooke - I hope everything goes well and your little man arrives safe and sound. I'm glad your OB is looking after you.

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    THinking of you Brooke. Hope everything goes really smoothly tonight and that little man is doing ok.

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    Hope everything goes ok, Brooke..

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    Oh my goodness! I cant believe they sent you home! I hope everything goes as well as possible and your both feeling much better very soon.

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    bit late to reaasure you now but my SIL had the same thing happen and she gave bitrth to her little girl at 33 weeks by emergency CS. Her LO spent 3 weeks in hospital just growing a bit but now she is a hay 10 month old.
    I am sending you all the healthy positive vibes i can... Good luck

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    Oh my goodness, I hope you are both OK. I'm praying for the two of you

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    OMG Brooke, all the best for your little man and his big bro. Hope you're OK and the hospital is held to account for this


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    Woo thats scary but im glad they let you home. Must mean that they are not too worried. Sorry it also means that you will have to have a CS. I think that yyou should be proud that you knew something was up and you knew to get checked out! Others could have left it!

    Good luck with the bed rest. I hope you have some help with DS1! **** the ex off for now, looks like he wont be at the birth anyway??

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    oh wow my heart was beating so fast at the getting sent home bit....so glad she's being looked after.
    Positive thoughts and strength B.

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    Tegam, they SHOULDN"T have sent her home - having a placental abruption is a very serious thing indeed and she should never have been let go home. This type of thing can go from bad to deathly serious very quickly. I think you might have missed the post where it said that she is now having an emergency c/s today.

    Brooke, I hope that it all went well and he is doing fine now he's out I'm sure his stay in NICU wont be a long one, you did a great job growing him