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Thread: Any Brits around western Sydney?

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    Default Any Brits around western Sydney?


    I am from England. Been Living over here 4 years. I am married to an aussie and we have two beautiful children, a 2 year old and a 5 month old.

    We live in Berala at the moment. We really need to move as our place is way too small but we cannot find anything at the moment.

    So are there any brits around this area? I am asking about Brits as i haven't met one very many brits since i have been here!

    Any Aussies would be good too

    Just to chat and get some adult conversation whilst DH is at work

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    I'm a brit! Unfortunately don't live close to you though, I live in Alexandria. But I have an 11 month old boy called Lewis and also would love a bit of adult conversation! I work Tues,Weds,Thurs but if ever you are nearby I would love to meet up. Or maybe I could come towards your way, where is Berala close to?

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    Hi Sarah

    Alexandria isn't that far. I remember from when i used to go on the train to the city it was on the line.

    Berala is near Auburn, Lidcombe, The Olympic site and about 20 mins from Parramatta.

    It would be great to meet up sometime.

    Do you drive around this crazy area?

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    Well I'm not very good in that direction but I did go to Lollipops in N Strathfield last week and that was easy to get to, so could always come there one day. Is that near you? Maybe you can email me on [email protected] and we can have a chat. Would love to catch up with a Brit, I'm a true Brit aswell, I still buy the UK OK magazine and watch Coronation St religiously on UKTV !!!

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    lol Sarah

    I watch the UKTV lots too. I mainly watch eastenders and i try to watch corrie but it is on at busy times so i try and watch the morning repeat but DD doesnt like missing her stuff sometimes lol

    will email you over the weekend

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    Default another brit

    Okay I beat you - have been out here 13 years - but still miss Boots and M & S.

    Im in the northmead area just nrth of parramatta

    Just had a beautiful baby girl and now realise I have a great opportunity to make some new friends. Given my Mum who has been looking after me for 5 weeks is about to leave and Ill be bereft of adult conversation !!!

    If you fancy a coffee email me on [email protected] - not sure if this is sent to both

    Em & Jesse

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    well i'm a half brit if that the british passport aswell as the aussie passport... (was born here but spent atleast 7/8 years on and off in the uk all my life...and my mum is still overthere
    I have a 6 week old and am wanting to meet up with mums i live in prospect

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