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Thread: Any new mums in castlehill Sydney area

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    Jaibec Guest

    Default Any new mums in castlehill Sydney area

    Hi there,

    We are new to the area and me being a first time mum would love to meet up for a coffee and feel a bit normal again. Our daughter Jaide is 6 weeks old.

    Please let me know , look forward to it

    thanks, Kylie

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    Hi Kylie, welcome to BB
    A couple of girls and I meet up every monday at my church at Thornleigh for 'playgroup', which is really just a cuppa or a walk or something, and a chat LOL. You'd be more than welcome to join us Its probably about 15mins drive from Castle Hill.
    My DD is the oldest, at 15 months, but the other babies are 3 and 5 months old.
    Let me know if you'd like more details!

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    mummy_2_Charli Guest

    Default Mothers in Castle Hill

    Im a young first time mum to a baby girl, Charlotte. She's almost 3 months old (15/05/08). I live in Castle hill and am looking for mothers in the area. Please feel free to email me at [email protected]
    Kylie & Charli

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    Hi, hope I'm not butting in but was also looking for mums to meet up with. I have a son who is 10wks old and we moved to Australia just over a year ago. My email address is : [email protected] if anyone would like to meet up or knows of a group I could join
    Thanks Clare

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    Default cathc ups in castle hill

    Not sure whether this is going to all and sundry but im in the same boat - new mum - dont know anyone in the area - live at northmead - not sure where replies to this will be found !!!!

    So if there is a group meeting and no one minds a ring in please email me at [email protected].


    Em & Jesse

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