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Thread: Chermside mum seeks infant playgroup

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    brooke28 Guest

    Smile Chermside mum seeks infant playgroup

    Hi, I live on the North side of Brisbane, near Chermside. My son is five months old and I would like to catch up with other mums for coffee and outings with children of a similar age. Can anyone help?

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    Emerson Guest


    HI Brooke

    I live in Petrie not far from Chermside and have an almost 4 year old lil girl and an 8 month old little boy. I am looking to get out of the house and make some good friends also, so would be very interested.


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    brooke28 Guest

    Smile Sunday Coffee

    Hi Sasha,

    I have been talking to Kerri on here as well and we are meeting Sunday morning at Chermside shopping centre for coffee at Toscani's at 10am. It's next to Gilhoolies along the front there. It will be our first meeting if you would like to join us.
    Hope to see you there
    From Brooke

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    Emerson Guest


    Hi Brooke

    Would love to have come along but the weekends are the only time we get to spend with my darling hubby as he is gone at 630 for work and isnt home til 8ish so I hope you can understand that weekends are very precious to us. So we wont be there sorry. Are you able to meet up during the week sometime? Like I said would love to meet up I really would.


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    brooke28 Guest

    Smile no worries

    No worries. I completely understand. Next week is a little crazy for me though. I usually only work one day a week but next week I have four shifts. How's Monday 17th Dec for you? I don't really mind where we meet if you want to send me an email or something and let me know what you think. [email protected]

    c ya later

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