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thread: Paralowie Playgroup

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    Well today is the first day back to Wednesday Afternoon sessions. Lets hope we can make this session a roaring success like all the others. 5 hrs to go..... taps fingers.


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    Had a fanastic day at playgroup today. Many thanks to Playgroup SA who sent out a rep with approx $500 worth of free play equipment. The kids had an absoloute ball !!! Each playgroup in SA will be receiving the free equipment over the next year or two which is funded by the government. We were #12 on their list of playgroups to receive it only a few hundred groups to go lol.


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    BellyBelly Member

    Mar 2005
    adelaide, northern end

    yesterday was great to see all the kids playing with the new stuff they had got.

    Lets hope they will enjoy the new session that will be starting soon

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    oneisneverenough Guest

    Wow, some Adelaide girls!!!
    I don't go to the Paralowie Playgroup tho. I'm in Parafield, so close enough. 8-[

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    Hi oneisneverenough.

    Feel free to join lots of other Adelaide girl in the SA thread of Local Member Discussion Forum. It can be found HERE


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