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Thread: Hubby soaked soiled nappy in detol!

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    So true, my brand new greenkids could have had a horrid soak in bleach! yikes..

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    Oh! I'm glad your nappy turned out ok. I was thinking, would that much dettol repel the germs for a bit?! lol wishful thinking!

    Now if I could just get my DH to change a MCN.
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    i got a tiny sample bottle of dettol in a bounty bag from the hospital ! being something i had never bought i was intrigued i opened it and the smell took me back to being a 5yo at nannas with a grazed knee LOL anyway it did say add a capfull to a load of nappys so ofcourse i had to try i added a capfull (only the teeny cap on the sample bottle to a wash anyway the smell stayed in them for weeks it was as if i had put the whole bottle in ...
    i find the only mcn advantage about our weather in tassie is that if you leave them on the line over night you are likely to get a frost and then if you leave them for the rest of the day to dry the frost then sun seems to get rid of most stains and odours LOL

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