thread: Two year old sleep regression???

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    Two year old sleep regression???

    Apologise for the long post!!

    DS is almost two and the last couple of months has turned (back) into a terrible sleeper. He was shocking as a baby but by about 16 months suddenly started self settling and sleeping through He started childcare in January and for the first few weeks was a little reluctant to go to sleep but quickly settled in and all was good. Then from about March he's been sick with one infection after another - at least four ear infections, two bouts of tonsillitis, croup plus a number of chest infections. When DS is sick he likes to sleep with DH and I, and prior to this run of illness it wasn't a problem. Issue now is that I'm 38 weeks pregnant, hugely uncomfortable due to LGA baby and polyhydramnios, struggling with DS in our bed all the time, and worried about what life will be like when's have a baby AND DS to look after. Other issue is that once DS wakes he WILL NOT let DH comfort him, not let me comfort him in his room, he just becomes absolutely hysterical, crying, coughing, dry retching etc. He sleeps perfectly in our bed, but has to fall asleep touching my face, preferably with his hands on my cheeks.. And not only does he wake every night crying but he now cries going to sleep, but like when he wakes, he won't let DH put him to bed, and he won't let me sit next to him or pat him etc, he only wants me to hold him in my arms or he becomes hysterical. I should add that he's a fairly light sleeper, so even if he falls asleep in my arms he wakes as soon as I try to put him in his cot.

    So I don't know if this change in sleeping patterns is an age related stage, because he's been sick so often, because I'm pregnant and he senses something is up, because he's just feeling insecure, or what, and have no idea how to help him. Any advice, words of wisdom, experience would be much appreciated!!!
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    Hey there

    Hugs, that all sounds like its getting a bit much!!!

    My DS is a few weeks off 2 and we have just moved him into a big boy bed. He went from multiple wake ups overnight to sleeping generally 9pm-5 or 6am.

    Is this something you could consider?? It might be easier for you guys as you can lie down with him in his bed and then sneak out.

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    It's quite normal at this age. might take a while to pass. 2 year old molars on their way?

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    Thanks OP, we have been hesitant to make the transition so close to the new baby coming, but we'll try anything so off came the side rails today! He certainly likes climbing on/off the bed so we'll see how he goes...

    MadB, I can't see any molars coming but I'm not game to put my fingers in to check as he'll bite me for sure!
    He's had bad phases before, I'm just worried about how I'm going to cope when I have DS clinging onto main bed and a newborn to feed also. If only I knew that he would magically get over it when number two arrives!!

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    i have opened this thread a few times and keep getting called away. It could be a combo of all your reasons, but my DD became quite clingy and edgy coming up to when baby was born.

    We moved DD into a king single bed a few months before DS was born, and the move (from co-sleeping/side car cot) was alot smoother than i thought it was going to be. Also heaps easier to settle in than a cot. DH often lays down with her, but as i got heavily pregnant i couldn't do it- and get off the bed again without disturbing her - so we have a comfy chair next to her bed that is sleepable in if needed.

    When she started going to sleep in her bed, rather than transferring her after sleep, she seemed to be less upset when she woke up in bed. But i'm not sure what came first, because she wasn't ready to go to sleep in her bed until she did it ITMS.

    We are fortunate in that DD accepts DH (most of the time) to help her get back to sleep. DH works night shift couple of nights and then it is back to me. Having 2 that need you does get tough.

    DDs sleep did get better again after DS was born. And although for the first few months i did wonder wth we had done, now it is really nice with the 2 kids. The little one watches and laughs at the big one. And the big one will pat and sshhh the little one, and go close to him so he will touch her.

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    We're having problems here too. DD was a terrible sleeper but for some time now has been fantastic. But in the last couple of weeks, she's been clingy during the day and waking up multiple times each night. She's 3. Last night she threw a full blown tantrum because I told her she needed to sleep in her bed. She's a kicker/wriggler and me being just shy of 36 weeks, well it's hard enough to get any sleep without toddler antics too! I'm putting it down to baby being nearly here. She's well aware of what's going on and I think this is her way of showing her own anxiousness about it all. Hope it settles for you soon.