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Thread: Please remember Josh

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    my heart goes out to you and your family. May Joshs brother, and other BB angels, guide him safely.

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    To dear Mel and her family,

    I am so sorry to hear of your precious son's passing. No words can convey the feelings of heartfelt sympathy that i so desperately feel for all of you during this time. From one Mother to another, a warm embrace.

    And to little Josh, may you fly with strength and happiness to play alongside your big brother in the garden of Angels.

    Much love, Clare

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    Dear Mel and DH
    I know that words cannot take away your pain but I just want to tell you that you are in my thoughts and I will be lighting my special candle at 1pm tomorrow
    May you rest in peace baby Joshua. May your big brother Nicholas guide you along with all the BB tiny angels too.

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    Dear Mel and DH,

    I will be thinking of your darling son Joshua, and his big brother Nicholas, and sending all my love to you both.


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    Dear Mel, my thoughts and prayers are with you at this time. My candle will shine brightly for your beautiful angel tomorrow.

    I am so sorry

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    Mel and DH

    I am truly sorry for your loss


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    Hi Mel

    Although I don't know you personally, please know that I am thinking of you and your DH as you go through such a heartbreaking time. I'm praying that you will find all the strength you need to get through this.
    Be comforted by knowing that Josh will be so lovingly looked after by his big brother.


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    Mel, i am sorry for the passing of your son Joshua. I am thinking of you, your family and both your sons Joshua and big brother Nicholas.

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    Dear Mel & Michael,
    It's 1pm and I have been saying some prayers & crying many tears. I have lit many candles and am burning incense. My two little girls have said some prayers for your family too. I am imagining a wet cold day in Melbourne. I am imagining just how unreal this all must feel for you.

    I can't believe that now I am not listening to your story of excitement rather than imagining your devastation.

    I feel I know Josh - I just can't believe this has happened.

    I want to say something that means something. But I can't Mel for my heart is broken with yours.

    I found this poem - and we read it for you, for Michael and for Josh...

    The Water Lily
    by Henry Lawson

    A lonely young wife
    In her dreaming discerns
    A lily decked pool
    With a border of ferns,
    And a beautiful child,
    With butterfly wings,
    Trips down to the edge of the water and sings:

    "Come Mamma Come!
    Quick! Follow me -
    Step out on the leaves of the water lily!

    And the lonely young wife,
    Her heart beating wild,
    Cries, "wait until I come, until I reach you, my child!
    But the beautiful child
    with the butterfly wings
    Steps out on the leaves of the lily and sings:

    "Come, Mama come!
    Quick follow me!
    Step out on the leaves of the water lily!

    And the wife in her dreaming
    Steps out on the stream,
    But the lily leaves sink
    And she wakes from her dream,
    Ah, the waking is sad,
    For the tears that it brings,
    And she knows 'tis her dead baby's spirit that sings:

    "Come, Mamma come!
    Quick! Follow me -
    Step out on the leaves of the water lily...

    Please know I am here. Please come to us for comfort. For support. For strength.

    All my love.

    Goodbye sweet Joshua - fly free...
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    That was a beautiful poem

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    havent stopped thinking about you


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    Mel and family - I have been searching for a long time to find the words to express my heartbreak at the loss of Joshua - but there are none.

    I have searched for words of comfort that I could offer - but there are none.

    Know that my thoughts and prayers are with you at this sad time and in the days, weeks, months to come.


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    I am truly sorry for your loss. My thoughts and prayers are with you and your family.

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    Mel and your DH,
    I'm so very sorry to hear of Joshua's passing. Words cannot explain how sorry I am that you have lost your little boy. May Nicholas be waiting for Joshua and they both watch over their mummy and daddy.

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    Dear Mel,
    I am so sorry to hear of Joshua's passing. It must feel so unfair to have your little boy taken from you so soon. He is part of your family and his beautiful spirit will be near you.

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    Mel and DH:

    When I laid eyes upon your gorgeous son yesterday and kissed him upon his brow, my heart was overcome with overwhelming love and yet the deepest sadness at the same time. Mel, he is a beautiful boy. I am so very honoured that you choose to let me meet him. I will forever cherish those moment with you boy.

    I've had said all I can to you face to face. You know what I would do for you.

    This is not goodbye.

    With everything I have
    Love Spring (AKA Head Bulldog)

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    Yesterday I watch my beautiful friend Mel with her family and friends say goodbye to little baby Josh. Mel I feel so honoured to call you a friend.........a special dear friend who has so much strength and determination even after the journey that you have travelled over the past 2 years. No-one should ever have to lose one baby but to lose two is just so unimaginable. I feel so special that you asked me to meet your little boy and place a bracelet on his left wrist that would forever link you to him as you wear your special bracelet on your left wrist. He is such a beautiful boy and you should be very proud to call him your son. I have cried so many tears for you all and I wish that those tears could bring Josh back to you.

    The stars are already full with far too many babies but I know that Nicholas and Cooper along with all the other babies will open their arms and welcome little Josh into their playground.

    Thank you for the past few days that we got to spend with you and your family as we remembered little Josh. I am here for you today, tomorrow, in 3 months, in 3 years.......forever.

    Lots and lots of love and hugs

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