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    2 Questions

    Hey guys,

    I have 2 quick questions.

    Firstly, there have been tonnes of posts about morning sickness, and I have read them all and found that nothing helps with my extreme all day sickness, I am vomitting any where upto 5-6 times a day and the only thing I can keep down is mild liquids. I have lost a considerable bit of weight and struggle to get through the day. The Dr is not real sympathetic and says it is all part of it but this is a little extreme. Please has anyone had such bad m/s and what did they do?

    Now secondly, I am trying to look ahead and feel a little more positive, when did everyone first feel movement? this is something that I look forward to most of all i think..

    TIA for any info.


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    Canniel, sorry I can`t help you out with the morning sickness, I had constant nausea for approx 16 weeks but only vomited (sorry TMI) once every 4 weeks up to 16 weeks - strangely enough I vomited the day my AF would have been due every 4 weeks.

    As for movements, this is my first baby and believe it or not I first felt fluttery movements at 11weeks and 4 days, my DH felt them when I was approx 13 weeks along. I`m now 34 weeks and my little boy constantly moves so no wonder I felt him so early on but normally I think it`s about 16 weeks before you feel movement then it depends on how many bubs you`ve had, lying of the placenta and your own size and they don`t all read the textbook LOL

    Take Care


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    Nikki Guest


    Re: morning sickness, have you asked your Dr to prescribe you something for it like Maxalon. I remember when I was pregnant the only thing that really helped me was GingerNut biscuits.

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    If your doctor is unsympathetic, get a new doctor!
    Seriously though, if you are seeing a general GP why not go to an obstetrician for a little help, or call a local maternity health center? GP's have to know a little bit about everything, they are not experts on pregnancy and will not necessarily know the latest or most effective treatments for nausea.

    At the very least, go to a female GP or nurse who will empathise with you over this, the last thing you need right now is a clinical attitude.


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    Ginger biscuits helped with my morning/all day sickness. Also a midwife told me, eat something light in the morning before getting up(so get DH to get it for you), like toast with a bit of vegemite on it or something and rest on bed for half an hour, then get up slowly.

    I started feeling movements at 16 weeks, which i think it pretty early for a first bub, usually you feel movements from around 18-22 weeks. For second time bubs it's a lot earlier, like 13-16 weeks.

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    Nov 2003

    cant help on the morning sickness i didnt get it too abd and when i did i ate a preggie pop which isnt around anymore i dont think?, they seemed to help me..

    on the movements i started feeling this bubs at 12-13wks and last pregnancy i think i started to feel kicking around 16 wks, every baby is different though and ti also depends on how the baby is lying.

    take care

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    Debbie Lee Guest

    Canniel, sorry to hear about your m/s. It sux, doesn't it?? Unfortunately, there's not whole lot your Dr. can do about it - that's why he sounds unsympathetic. There were some days that I thought I was going to keel over and die and I just wished there was something I could take to get rid of it. It will pass. I can't tell you when but you will start feeling better eventually. Not much consolation I'm afraid. I know that my m/s changed half way through to where it was like the movies - a spew in the morning, then I was fine. I found that far more bearable than the all day sickness.

    As for the movements, this is my first bubs and I didn't feel anything until about 22 weeks. Everyone feels them at different stages. From what I could see, those that have had babies before, felt them much earlier because they knew what to feel for. I am a person of... shall we say.. larger stature so that's the reason why, I feel, it took a little longer for me to feel bub's movements.

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    Thanks for all the info guys, m/s is still here and strong this morn and I think I will keep it all day again, but I do have an Ob appiont today so I might do a bit of a winge and see what he says.. Funnily enough after I picked my OB, remembering hearing at some stage that he had a great bedside manner and was a wonderful Ob, I told my mum who I picked and it was her that was telling me that, the OB I picked had delivered me.. cool.

    the lady at the surgery that I spoke with, told me that they would be looking for a heart beat, isn't it too early for this? and she didn't say anything about an u/s. Was hoping for one.

    well I can't wait to be feeling movement, this is my first, but I am a rather fine build, can only wait :roll:

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    Margot_In_Oz Guest

    I agree, there's not much that will help. I tried Maxalon when it got really bad as well as Blackmore's morning sickness tablets (but make sure you have a little bit of food beforehand, as they made me feel worse on an empty stomach).

    I bought those wrist bands that supposedly help nausea and m/s but they didn't work, plus I felt like an idiot wearing them in public.

    The best thing for me was crunching on crushed ice all day long. It kept my fluids up but didn't make me feel as nauseous as I did when I drank liquid.

    My nausea has just started to ease (with none on some days) and I'm only 10 and a half weeks. So things may look up for you soon.

    Although, wait til it lessons - then you'll be paranoid that something is wrong ;-)


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    HI Canniel

    I can totally relate to the all day nausea, although I was lucky and didn't have vomiting as well.I lost 6 kg(although I probably lost more than that!) since I found out I was pregnant just from being sick.I ate when I could stomach something, normally plain crackers.I would ask your ob for a script for maxalon as you don't want to become dehydrated or lose to much weight.My m/s has gone although I do have some moments when I feel yucky.

    As for first baby movements, I felt fluttering/like someone was blowing bubbles in my tummy about 2 days ago!I hope it was the baby(& not gas!!)!It was a strange sensation that I've never felt before.I'm pretty sure it was the baby though!

    Goodluck with the m/s...........