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Thread: 8 weeks today (vent)

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    no i am getting it at sydney pregnancy and womens ultrasound service in windsor because my dr thinks they are better and will be more accurate and since hes got three little kids i trust hes gone through it all...
    he even told me there is one place that bulk bills but its not very good this place will cost me around 60 dollars but its 4d, we can tape it and it will be more accurate so we are going with them...
    i have to ring today to schedule an appointment but i assume it will be in a little under 4 weeks at the 12wk markish

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    hello Im 7w and 5d today, i know exactly how u feel i have only known about this preg for 3 weeks and it already feels like i have known for like 3 months,lol. Im knew to this site and just thought id add a comment

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