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    Good morning everyone,

    I am not sleeping particularly well atm and thought I would vent my spleen in the wee hours (Great sunrise this morning in Melbourne btw its going to be a hot one!)

    I am seeing Dr tonight for BT results and to get referral to Obs and hospital. I am feeling a little apprehensive and excited at the same time.

    From time to time since finding out I am pg last week I have found myself feeling somewhat anxious, worrying that something is not right with the baby or about the uncertainties what lies ahead.

    Admittedly I am generally just a bit tired,emotional, bloated, sometimes nauseous with sore bbs hehe.

    I am still getting over the shock and happy suprise of conceiving so quickly and easily (presuming of course everything is ok which i am trying to think positively it is and of course for which i am grateful for!)

    During my childhood my mother was always quite dramatic about how hard it was to finally conceive (after apparently many M/Cs poor thing) me and brother, it took 7 years for me and 4 years for him. She is a ball of negative nervous energy when talking about it. Which is of course understandable. I have been thinking about this alot lately.

    Anyway, DH and I had not shared with our parents our intent to get pregnant . I am feeling a bit reluctant to share our news with my mum and dad at this stage as I feel maybe a bit guilty about how easy it seems to have been (touch wood) and worried that she will (not deliberately of course) give off the nerves which I worry will make me more nervous. I am not particularly close to my mum because she generally is quite nervy and pessimistic and I have had to work hard to minimise those traits in my character. I generally do not turn to my mum and dad for support. I suspect that once DH and I tell them (understandably) my parents will want to catch up more etc etc which is great but which I at this point in time do not feel like I can deal with alot of exposure to my mum in particular.

    I feel guilty that I have shared the news with a few close friends and not with parents including parents and parents in law who will be genuinely excited and will only be able to express that in the way that they know good or bad.

    The other thing is I am quite anxious about going to hospital, I have only had cause to go to hospital for emergencies which have not been good (eg after a very bad car accident when i was in high school). I have had alot of surgery on my back and a bit frightened about the thought of an epidural (which i understand is not mandatory but may be helpful).

    Overall I know that this time going to hospital is going to be a good means to a great end but can't help feeling more than a little stressed about it when i think about the busines end of proceeding.

    My question is, has anyone else navel gazed this much and felt this sort of anxiety (perhaps not for the same reason) since finding out they were pg? How do you feel about the impending changes in your life, telling your family, going to hospital etc.

    If you have felt this sort of anxiety, how have you dealt with it (as i am sure it is not a good thing to keep feeling this way?)

    Thanks for listening - I feel a little bit better for actually thinking through and putting to paper how i feel and will talk to Dr about some of these things tonight

    Cheerio BB77.

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    Hello and good morning,

    Its completely normal to feel anxious, though I'm sure you know this Especially with your first pregnancy, everything is so new. And I think because of your mum you thought it may be hard for you to conceive at the very least take time, but because it didn't and you were lucky it seems too good to be true, hence the anxiety.

    Best thing to do I think is just to tell them. One less thing for you to be stressed about and seeing as you've told friends, they may find out from someone else and that would be hurtful.

    Hospital will be great. Very exciting, but the first visit will most likely be medical history and a lot of paperwork. Soon you'll be listening to your baby's heart on the doppler and there is nothing lovelier than that.

    I wish you all the best in your pregnancy journey. You will find a lot of support here.

    Take care of yourself and your little one,


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    Congrats on your scary- no terrifying it can sometimes be - the reward at the end is definately worth it.

    I have suffered from a great deal of anxiety with this preg and am actually seeing the hospital psychologist with my DH to help us work through it all. Our reasons are different in some ways to yours - but all our concerns/fears are valid no matter what they are.
    At 34weeks i had a placenta abruption and was minutes from losing my baby's and my own life so my DH and i carry a lot of fear for this preg. But fear can be a good thing because it can make us act to educate ourselves further and speak to others for assistance.

    My advice to you is do some reading on pregnancy - you will find it'll put a lot of concerns at ease and help you to focus on the wonders and joys of the experience. Be open with your DR/OB about your anxieties - they can be very supportive and provide you with invaluable information. Finally share your feelings with your close friends and family - particularly those who have experienced pregnancy before.

    You will know when the right time is to share this exciting news with your parents - you never know - your mother may surprise you and become a tower of strength for you as she may wish to protect you from the same anxieties she had to deal with????

    I wish you the very best for your pregnancy - this anxious time will pass and you will eventually be overjoyed by the growth of your belly, the feelings of your baby's movements and the excitement of becoming a mother to the precious child you have created.

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    Hi everyone
    Thanks for your supportive and kind words.
    Went back to dr last night, she was v good, answered all of my questions, provided more information, went through blood test results which seem to be fine (although had not tested for HCG levels when I queried this she indicated she would take the levels in the next tests in a couple of weeks - in meantime was happy to rely on 3 urine test results).
    I have my referral to an ob and feel more set to go now.
    I have settled more into the idea of being pregnant. I feel pretty good today too which helps.
    DH will probably tell the families in the next week or two!

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    Anxiety is a tough one. I have to be on medication for my condition, which DH was concerned about, but it's a low dose so I'm not worried.

    They say that if you're depressed and anxious throughout your prg and not medicated, this is actully worse for your bonding with bubs than the drugs!

    I think it's a great idea to buy or borrow a book. i did this when preg with Patrick and also bought "Up the Duff" which is hilarious and not as confronting as some of the other books can be. You and DH can read it week by week as well and follow the progress of the baby that way. It helps to get you into the whole thing as you'll find that the author was a bit sceptical herself and it's written like a diary.

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    Antoher good book for your DH is blokes and babies I got Mick readin it now he really is lovin it.

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